David Chiesa: Teaching Hamlet to Students in China

David Chiesa (MATESOL ’10, LPA Certificate) completed two years of the Peace Corps, China as part of his master’s degree program. Living in China’s poorest province, Guizhou, he taught English at the university level to students of translation and interpretation.


Guiyang City
26° 38' 45.3516" N, 106° 38' 0.15" E

With a Little Help from His Friends: Alum Gets Job through MIIS Connection

Monterey Institute graduate David Reichbaum (MPA ’09) had been actively searching for a job for five months when Emily Newman (MAITP ’09) recommended to her supervisors that they hire David to replace her as Recycling Technician for the City of Monterey. During his studies at the Monterey Institute, David participated in the voluntary Development Practicum (DPMI plus), combining three weeks of intensive coursework with a three month internship in Peru where he worked on sustainable community building projects.

Alumni Giving Nearly Doubles by Fiscal Year-End

The Monterey Institute’s fiscal year closes at midnight today. Preliminary figures indicate a 32 percent increase in the number of donors to the Institute for fiscal year 2010 (FY10). Contributions from alumni and friends allow MIIS to provide students with financial aid, support faculty development, and keep the campus up-to-date with new equipment and facilities.

Bulbul Ahammed: MBA Meets Social Investing

Bulbul Ahammed graduated from the Monterey Institute in May 2010. Prior to coming to the Institute, Bulbul worked as a Cross-Cultural Trainer for Peace Corps Bangladesh and as an Administrative Officer for a French garment buying house. He also held a position with the Bangladesh Bank, which is similar to the Federal Reserve in the United States, as an Assistant Director of the banking inspection department.


Monterey Institute of International Studies
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Monterey, CA 93940
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Joseph Huang: One Japanese/English Interpreter's Journey

Joseph Huang (TLM '07) shares his experience as an interpreter and translator for Honda America:

I was born in Taiwan, but grew up in Orange County. I didn't even study Japanese until my senior year in college. Then living and working in Japan for 5 years provided me with the opportunity to develop and fine-tune my language skills.


25° 5' 27.87" N, 121° 33' 35.406" E

Maiko Shimmura: 5 Questions for a Translator & Interpreter at Honda Motors

1) Tell us about your position as a Japanese-English translator & interpreter for Honda Motors.

I interpret simultaneously for the Purchasing Division's meetings related to cost planning and translate presentation documents and emails for the American associates stationed in Japan.

2) What are the most enjoyable moments of your job?

I have the opportunity to interpret for management level meetings which determine the future path of the company. It is exciting to be able to support such discussions!


36° 33' 18.4032" N, 139° 52' 58.1052" E

Sarah Percoulis: Empowering Youth in "the D"

Three years ago in the small Michigan farm town of Albion...

"So your majors are Political Science and French. Hmmm...you should check out this grad school out west...called Monterey somethingorother." My college academic advisor would never know the impact that she has made on my life with that statement. That night I spent hours on the computer searching for this "Monterey" school, and the rest is history.


Detroit, MI
United States
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MIIS Alumna Discovers Second Ocean Garbage Patch Filled with Plastic Debris

Monterey Institute alumna Anna Cummins (MAIEP ’02) has made it her passion to educate and inform the public about the dangers facing our oceans. In recent months, Anna and her husband Dr. Marcus Eriksen collected samples from a more than one-hundred mile stretch in an area in the Atlantic bounded by ocean currents called the Sargasso Sea.

Alumna Kathryn Ries Awarded the Bronze Medal for Outstanding Work at NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently awarded Institute alumna Kathryn Ries (MPA ’86) the highest honor given to NOAA professionals. Ries was awarded the NOAA’s Bronze Medal for her leadership in building hydrographic capacity in Central America to support navigation safety, economic growth and protection of the marine environment.

Katie Klemsen: Serving the People of Honduras After Hurricane Mitch

Katie Klemsem (IPS '05) recalls her experience as a kindergarten teacher in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch left the country devastated:

I am not just a girl. I am a servant, a servant to humanity. Now I am also a writer and a professor, but it hasn't always been that way.


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