Toyi Sogoyou: UN Intern and Conflict Resolution Practitioner

Toyi Sogoyou
1) You interned for the UN, which means you want to save the world, right? So who’s your favorite superhero or heroine?

What kind of question is that for an interview?! My favorite superhero? I have many of them, but in track and field, my superhero is Haile Gebre Selassie, an Ethiopian runner.

Kate Balzer: A Passion for Community Development

Kate Balzer (MPA '09) discovers her path to a career in community development:

I worked for non-profit dance and theater companies after college, even though my degree focused on international studies. After a few years, I wanted to do something else - even if I didn't know what.


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Valkyrie Anderson: Promoting Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts in Vietnam

A graduate of Middlebury College's Chinese language degree program, Valkyrie Anderson (IPS '09) came to Monterey two years ago with dreams of becoming a translator or interpreter. Inspired by a commitment to social justice, however, she questioned this path. She chose the policy program instead, applying her language abilities in the development and human trafficking fields.


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Antoinette Wilson: Exploring Global Terrorism Dynamics

Last summer Antoinette Wilson (IPS ‘09) interned for the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C., a research center that specializes counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency policies. She had the opportunity to research and edit academic articles, organize panel discussions, and compose daily “weather reports” on terrorism events worldwide.


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Arlington, VA
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David Reichbaum: Sustainable Community Development in Peru

Last summer, David Reichbaum (MPA '09) interned for ProWorld in the Cusco region of Peru. ProWorld provides health, education, and environmental services to developing communities.


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Dave Moorer: The Crossroads of Development and Security

Dave Moorer interned at the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) in Germany last semester. The Center is a non-profit organization providing research, training, and consultancy services for peacebuilding and development issues worldwide.

Dave collaborated to design a new program addressing sexual violence in war and post-conflict environments. This program seeks to identify the various motivations and typologies of sexual violence in order to shape future public policy.


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Sam Marrero: Mastering Arabic on the Streets of Cairo

Sam Marrero (MAIPS '10) received a Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic at the American Research Center in Egypt last summer. He spent hours in the classroom learning formal Arabic and Egyptian dialect. He practiced his language skills every chance he could, even when buying pencils and erasers:

I haven’t told this story yet because I don’t think you would believe me.


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Joel Wiseman: A Trade Student Goes to Washington

Joel Wiseman (IPS '09) interned at the Trade Information Center of the Department of Commerce in Washington DC last summer. Donning a suit and tie, Joel educated individuals about the rules and regulations - how to export and import products - of trade agreements.

A current member of the US Navy Reserves, Joel graduated from Chaminade University with a degree in political science and history. He has also studied the Spanish, Russian, and Arabic languages.


1401 Constitution Avenue Northwest
Washington D.C.
United States
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Elias Shakkour: A Passion for Language from a Master's Degree in Conference Interpretation to Ph.D in Linguistics

Elias (MACI '10) begins his first year as a linguistics Ph.D student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne.

Although he doesn't have to choose a Ph.D specialization until his second year, Elias is eager to explore the field. He's considering delving into sociolinguistics and analyzing how dialects are perceived in the Arabic and German speaking worlds. Hoping to help bridge cultural divides, he also dreams of writing an Arabic dialect textbook someday.



Justin Bench: Utilizing Development Management Skills in Latin America


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