Katie Klemsen: Serving the People of Honduras After Hurricane Mitch

Katie Klemsem (IPS '05) recalls her experience as a kindergarten teacher in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch left the country devastated:

I am not just a girl. I am a servant, a servant to humanity. Now I am also a writer and a professor, but it hasn't always been that way.


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Six MIIS Students Selected for Prestigious Nonproliferation Fellowship Program

Talking about the global reputation of the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies is one thing; having it convincingly demonstrated is quite another. As of June 2010, MIIS/CNS students will occupy almost a full quarter of the total number of positions in one of the nation’s most prestigious government-sponsored nonproliferation fellowship program.

Matt Robinson: Adventures of an ELF in East Timor

Matt Robinson (TESOL/PCMI '08) shares his experience as an English Language Fellow in East Timor:


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Molly Ammons: Bridging Divides Towards Refugee Resettlement

Before pursuing a graduate degree, Molly Ammons (MPA '09) worked for a refugee resettlement agency, helping displaced families adapt to life in the United States:


Albia, IA
United States
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Jamie Langlie MPA ’91, Alumni Donor

Jamie Langlie MPA '91 (right) with Elizabeth Anderson
Jamie Langlie MPA '91, pictured at right wearing the gray blazer with Elizabeth Anderson MBA '91, shares her thoughts and memories of the Monterey Institute.
1) Why do you give to MIIS?

Toyi Sogoyou: UN Intern and Conflict Resolution Practitioner

Toyi Sogoyou
1) You interned for the UN, which means you want to save the world, right? So who’s your favorite superhero or heroine?

What kind of question is that for an interview?! My favorite superhero? I have many of them, but in track and field, my superhero is Haile Gebre Selassie, an Ethiopian runner.

Kate Balzer: A Passion for Community Development

Kate Balzer (MPA '09) discovers her path to a career in community development:

I worked for non-profit dance and theater companies after college, even though my degree focused on international studies. After a few years, I wanted to do something else - even if I didn't know what.


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Valkyrie Anderson: Promoting Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts in Vietnam

A graduate of Middlebury College's Chinese language degree program, Valkyrie Anderson (IPS '09) came to Monterey two years ago with dreams of becoming a translator or interpreter. Inspired by a commitment to social justice, however, she questioned this path. She chose the policy program instead, applying her language abilities in the development and human trafficking fields.


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Antoinette Wilson: Exploring Global Terrorism Dynamics

Last summer Antoinette Wilson (IPS ‘09) interned for the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C., a research center that specializes counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency policies. She had the opportunity to research and edit academic articles, organize panel discussions, and compose daily “weather reports” on terrorism events worldwide.


901 North Stuart Street
Arlington, VA
United States
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David Reichbaum: Sustainable Community Development in Peru

Last summer, David Reichbaum (MPA '09) interned for ProWorld in the Cusco region of Peru. ProWorld provides health, education, and environmental services to developing communities.


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