Winter Commencement: 102 Students from 21 Countries Celebrate Degrees

Winter Commencement at the Monterey Institute of International Studies was held at the historic Golden State Theater on Saturday, December 11th. Friends and family of the 102 graduates from 21 countries celebrated on a gorgeous sunny day in Monterey.

Caitlin Cali: MBA Alumna Discovers the Power of Storytelling through Social Media

Whether one voice or a thousand voices, there is always a story to be told.

A typical day at The Women's International Perspective begins in the best way possible: with a hug from baby Daniel. Founder and CEO of The WIP, Kate Daniels, is not only a motivated entrepreneur but also a proud mother to the most beautiful 1-year old I've ever seen. But perhaps I'm a little biased.


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Net Impact Spotlights MIIS Efforts to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2016

Clayton Snyder (MAIEP/MBA ’10), former leader of the Monterey chapter of Net Impact, and current manager of environmental project fulfillment at CBS, is the featured member profiled in the newest edition of Leading Business, a Net Impact publication. As a dual-degree MBA and International Environmental Policy student at the Monterey Institute, Clayton took a very active role in creating a strategy to fulfill the Institute’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2016.

Center for Advising and Career Services Provides Lifelong Alumni Support, Professional Development

The Monterey Institute’s Center for Advising and Career Services (CACS) opened in the summer of 2009 with increased capacity to assist current students as well as alumni. Once you become a student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, you have in fact signed up for lifelong career services. CACS offers a wide range of services from advising current students on their courses or study paths to helping them get a job or launch a career after graduation. 

Ashley Blacow: Influencing Policy Towards Ocean Conservation & Marine Protection

When possible, I tailored all of my courses, papers, and projects at the Monterey Institute to dive deeper into ocean conservation issues, such as the current threats our oceans face and marine resource management, and to identify the gaps in science and management that would help ensure the protection of marine ecosystem health. Much of my studies, including an internship at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, focused on Marine Protected Areas.


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Robert McCleery: Building Bridges in Development through MIIS Connection

It had been a long day of working with country paper authors as part of the project Making Infrastructure Work for the Poor, funded by the government of Japan through UNDP in New York. I had written a background paper and was advising country authors from Bangladesh, Senegal, Thailand and Zambia.


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Sean Dunlop: Nonproliferation Graduate Fellow, Department of Energy

Sean Dunlop
1) Tell us about yourself.

Nicolai Banck: The Perfect Place to Get an MBA

As an aspiring businessperson, I was searching for a school located near and connected to Silicon Valley. Through the Copenhagen Business School, I started a 6-week program on Entrepreneurship at the Monterey Institute before completing the two year MBA program.


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Paula Manrique: How to Make It as a Freelance Interpreter

In the last year, there have been many changes to how I approach conference interpretation. Interpreting per se has not changed throughout this year: What happens inside the booth will always be the core of our job. But what happens outside the booth lands you the gigs. You have the skills, but how do you match them with the clients?


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Aimee Maron: Social Media for Sustainable Development in Latin America

Using her Spanish and Portuguese language skills, Aimee's projects include collaborating on a national communications and awareness campaign on climate change in coordination with Ecuador's Ministry of the Environment.


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