Institute’s Translation and Interpretation Program Lauded on Radio Free Europe

Interpretation is at the very core of UN operations, according to a recent feature story on Radio Free Europe, and the Monterey Institute is at the forefront of educating the UN’s language specialists. Quoted in the feature is Barry Slaughter Olsen, head of the conference interpretation program at what RFE cites as “California’s highly respected Monterey Institute of International Studies – from which a number of UN translators have graduated.”

MIIS Student Interpreting at the Winter Olympics Profiled in Local Weekly

Current translation and interpretation student Simone Bonneville (MACI ’11) is the subject of a profile in today’s edition of the Monterey County Weekly. Bonneville is one of 14 students, alumni, and current and former faculty from the Institute who are serving as translator/interpreters at the Vancouver, Canada Winter Olympic Games.

Vancouver Olympics Feature MIIS Institute Alumni, Faculty and Students

When the 2010 Winter Olympic Games open tonight in Vancouver, Canada, no less than 14 representatives from the Monterey Institute of International Studies will be at work supporting Olympic activities.

Ever since former Monterey Institute Dean of Translation and Interpretation Wilhelm (Bill) Weber worked as an interpreter at the 1968 Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble, France, Monterey Institute alumni, faculty and even enrolled students have had a rich history of involvement with both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Institute Sponsors First-Ever North American Summit on Interpreting

The Monterey Institute of International Studies has signed on as a founding sponsor of the 1st North American Summit on Interpreting, an innovative conference that will for the first time bring together professionals in the fields of community, conference, legal, medical, military, and signed language interpreting to meet, learn, and network with one another. The inaugural conference is scheduled for June 17, 2010 in Arlington, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C.

Julie Johnson: 5 Questions for a French Translator & Interpreter

Are my French language skills good enough to be a professional interpreter? Julie Johnson, a conference interpreter and published translator specializing in corporate law, advanced technologies and telecommunications, discusses the skills necessary to enter the field of translation and interpretation. Julie is a professor of translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at the Monterey Institute.


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Martiño Prada Diaz: A Translator's Journey Across Europe

What should I do now? This question confronts most of us at some point in our lives. After graduating a few years ago with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish philology, Martiño Prada Diaz (TLM ‘11) began searching for his answer.

After brief spells as a language teacher and punk band singer, Martiño packed his bags for a life-altering journey through Europe. He experienced the natural beauty of Russia, Sweden, Estonia, and Finland on a shoestring budget, from the comfort of his friends’ couches.


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May ’09 Institute Graduate Interprets for Former President Clinton

Like many of her fellow students in the Monterey Institute’s Conference Interpretation program, Paula Manrique (MACI '09) hoped that her international career would give her the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people from different parts of the world while facilitating dialogue between them.

U.S. Embassy in Japan Praises Institute’s Translation and Interpretation Programs

The Monterey Institute is cited as “a prestigious language and international policy studies school in the United States [that] offers both a master's degree in conference interpretation and a master's degree that combines both translation and interpretation” in the current issue of American View, a publication of the U.S. Embassy in Japan.

UN Selects MIIS As One of Nine Partner Schools Worldwide

A new agreement between the United Nations and the Monterey Institute of International Studies signed Thursday is expected to expand internship and employment opportunities for current and future Institute students and graduates.