MIIS Students Honored for Commitment to Promotion of American-Chinese Youth Relations

In September, a delegation of Chinese diplomats led by the Counselor of Education, Mr. Shaowei, visited the Monterey Institute of International Studies campus in downtown Monterey. The delegation participated in Moon Festival activities organized by the Institute’s Chinese Student Association.

MIIS Students Share Diverse Cultures, Languages and International Experiences with Local High School Students


Language Services Associates Establishes New Scholarship Fund for Language Scholars at MIIS

The Monterey Institute of International Studies and Language Services Associates (LSA), a global language service provider offering a full suite of multicultural solutions, are proud to announce the establishment of The Language Services Associates Scholarship Fund at MIIS. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to ambitious and worthy students who are otherwise unable to afford to attend the Monterey Institute.

Translation and Interpretation Students Report on “Extraordinary” UN Summer Internship Experience

International Translation and Interpretation Day Celebrated at MIIS and Around the World

Nothing Lost in Translation as MIIS Hosts Russian Nuclear Scientists in Specialized Program

Five nuclear scientists and three English language faculty members from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in Tomsk, Russia, have taken on the roles of students at the Monterey Institute of International Studies this summer, taking part in a unique, customized program curriculum intended to enhance communication between nonproliferation officials in the U.S. and Russia.

Paula Manrique: How to Make It as a Freelance Interpreter

In the last year, there have been many changes to how I approach conference interpretation. Interpreting per se has not changed throughout this year: What happens inside the booth will always be the core of our job. But what happens outside the booth lands you the gigs. You have the skills, but how do you match them with the clients?


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Organizers of MIIS-Sponsored Conference Release Groundbreaking Research on Interpreting Profession

A newly-released Interpreting Marketplace Study suggests that the interpretation profession is a high-pay, high-growth industry. The study was commissioned by InterpretAmerica, host sponsor of this June’s 1st North American Summit on Interpreting, and an organization co-founded by Monterey Institute Professor Barry Olsen (MACI ’99) and alumna Katherine Allen (MATI ’08).

Mei-Ling Chen: Launching a New Translation and Interpretation Service

On July 22, the Monterey County Herald featured Monterey Institute Alum Mei-Ling Chen (MATI ’99) and her new business, Monterey Language Services, in an article titled “MIIS Grad Returns, Starts Language Service.” After graduating from the Monterey Institute in 1999, Mei-Ling Chen spent ten years working in translation services in Washington D.C., before returning recently to open a new translation and interpretation service in Monterey County.


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Hundreds of Students from More than Forty Countries Participate in Variety of Monterey Institute Summer Programs

The Monterey Institute offers a wide variety of special programs ranging from intensive language courses and specialized custom language programs to intense training for professionals in the fields of international trade and development. No matter what time of year you visit the Monterey campus, happy voices can be heard in dozens of languages. The summer is no exception.