Yassine El Mansouri

Location: Singapore

Village Capital Partner: VilCap Singapore

Arianne Dilts

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Village Capital Partner: Pipa

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Karthik Devarajan

Location: Bangalore, India

Village Capital Partner: Unitus Seed Fund

Dallas Denny

Dallas is a rising senior at Harvard College, and was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. In college, he is concentrating in Economics with no particular focus. Dallas had the great fortune to study abroad in Venice, Italy this previous summer, where he studied Keynes and Italian immigration policy as well as traveled throughout Europe.

Elizabeth Cherchia

Location: Shanghai, China

Village Capital Partner: Transist

Caitlin Candee

Location: Delhi, India

Village Capital Partner: First Light Accelerator

Anu Keshavan

Location: San Francisco, CA (Virtual Scout)

Village Capital Partner: William James Foundation

Minh Vo

Location: Kolkata, India

Village Capital Partner: Ikure Techsoft

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Class of 43 Frontier Market Scouts Head to Social Impact Investing Assignments in 15 Countries

As the Monterey Institute's Frontier Market Scouts program continues to develop and grow in scope, so does its appeal. This June, 43 people with very different backgrounds participated in the summer training and are off to placements in 15 countries ranging from two to six months. The group consists of seven Monterey Institute students, 32 professionals from various fields such as medicine, engineering and investment banking, as well as two Harvard undergraduates and one from Northeastern University.

Frontier Market Scouts on Display at SF Bay Home

The residence of Samira Rahmatullah and Munir Alam (Midd’99) in Hillsborough served as a lovely backdrop for a casual salon gathering of 20. The evening was energized with conversations surrounding the Frontier Market Scouts program and multiple cross connections were discovered.