Susana Valle

Location: Monterey, California - USA

Partner: William James Foundation

Albert Wong

Albert has joined the FMS program after nearly seven years in the field of finance. With experience in investment banking in New York and investment management in Shanghai, Albert is now interested in building start-up operational skills to help scale social enterprises. Albert recently commenced his field placement at One Degree Solar (ODS) a venture-backed technology company located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mariella Belli Yaringano

With a BS in Accounting and Finance, Mariella has joined the FMS program after a number of years working in finance with companies such as Deloitte, Citigroup, and PwC. She recently commenced her field placement with Waste Ventures India, a private LLC based out of New Delhi, India providing integrated and sustainable solid waste management services to tier-2 and tier-3 cities across India.

Class Transforms MIIS Student’s Concept of International Development, Opens Up Career Opportunities

Xiao’ou Zhu (MAIPS ’14) says she has always been interested in international development work, but that she had a very narrow view of what that meant until she came to the Monterey Institute. Her view before could best be described as a “brick and mortar” view of development involving official development assistance (ODA) and infrastructure support. That all changed when she took Professor Nukhet Kardam’s Development Theory and Practice class; “it opened a window into the possibilities of international development,” says Xiao’ou.

Marsha Barancik

Location: Boulder, CO/ Remote

Village Capital Placement Partner: Campbell Law Group

Marsha is a veteran business writer building a CSR consultancy. Her first career was in journalism, based in Asia. Following this, Marsha's second career was in corporate/government communications. Currently, she works in fine tuning CSR initiatives to be based on long-term investment models.

Saeid Kian

Location: San Francisco, CA

Village Capital Partner: The Hub San Francisco

Dylan Mayer

Location: San Francisco, CA and Vienna, Austria

Village Capital Partner: SOCAP and the Hub Vienna

Sharon Okello

Location: San Francisco, CA

Village Capital Partner: Lean Impact

Xiaou Zhu

Location: Sri Lanka

Village Capital Partner: VilCap Sri Lanka

Logan Theodore

Location: Shanghai, China

Village Capital Partner: Transist and Shell Foundation