Darla Brewer

Location: San Francisco, CA- USA

Partner: Mission Hub LLC

Amy Ludlum

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Partner: bitPESA

Kulsoom Ally

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Partner: Juhudi Kilimo

Carolyn Zelikow

Location:Charlottesville, VA- USA

Partner: CodeCreate 

Nyia Hawkins

Location: Medellin, Colombia

Partner: Centro Popular Afrodescendiente (CEPAFRO)


4° 34' 15.1248" N, 74° 17' 50.3988" W

Daniela Gheorghe

Location: Visakhapatnam, India

Partner: Waste Capital

Lisa Ruetgers

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Partner: UpEnergy

MIIS Team Reaches Finals of Regional Hult Prize Competition, Makes Key Connections

A team of Monterey Institute students—Maria Kovell (MPA ‘14), Amitay Flores (MAIPS ‘14), Amanda Boyek (MAIPS ‘14), Natalie Cox (MPA ‘14), and Amy Ross (MPA ‘14)—made their mark at the Hult Prize regional competition last weekend in San Francisco, and left the competition with something at least as good as a win: a path forward for their innovative project.

Daniel Griffis

Location: Houston, Texas - USA

Partner: Village Capital

A graduate of Bucknell University with over two years of experience in the field of energy finance, Daniel is driven by a desire to broaden his skills within the energy business and to grow professionally.  Daniel recently started a position with Village Capital in Houston, Texas.

Kate Hanford

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Partner: Unreasonable East Africa