Class Transforms MIIS Student’s Concept of International Development, Opens Up Career Opportunities

Xiao’ou Zhu (MAIPS ’14) says she has always been interested in international development work, but that she had a very narrow view of what that meant until she came to the Monterey Institute. Her view before could best be described as a “brick and mortar” view of development involving official development assistance (ODA) and infrastructure support. That all changed when she took Professor Nukhet Kardam’s Development Theory and Practice class; “it opened a window into the possibilities of international development,” says Xiao’ou.

Marsha Barancik

Location: Boulder, CO/ Remote

Village Capital Placement Partner: Campbell Law Group

Marsha is a veteran business writer building a CSR consultancy. Her first career was in journalism, based in Asia. Following this, Marsha's second career was in corporate/government communications. Currently, she works in fine tuning CSR initiatives to be based on long-term investment models.

Saeid Kian

Location: San Francisco, CA

Village Capital Partner: The Hub San Francisco

Dylan Mayer

Location: San Francisco, CA and Vienna, Austria

Village Capital Partner: SOCAP and the Hub Vienna

Sharon Okello

Location: San Francisco, CA

Village Capital Partner: Lean Impact

Xiaou Zhu

Location: Sri Lanka

Village Capital Partner: VilCap Sri Lanka

Logan Theodore

Location: Shanghai, China

Village Capital Partner: Transist and Shell Foundation

Neil Shah

Location: Nicaragua and Colombia

Village Capital Partner: Pomona Impact

Therese McCabe

Location: Bogota, Colombia

Village Capital Partner: The Hub Bogota

Jeff Knoche

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Village Capital Partner: Growth Africa