Sharing the World through Fulbright

For Elizabeth Reid (MAIPS '11) the most meaningful outcome of her Fulbright experience was an unexpected one.

"One of my Fulbright colleagues made the observation that the Fulbright program is not about saving the world, but about sharing the world," Elizabeth said. "I think this has been particularly apt in my case."

Career Fair Led to Two Dream Job Offers for Alumna

The Monterey Institute Career Fair has been steadily growing and expanding over the last few years, with new employers every year joining the large group of “repeat customers” excited to recruit MIIS graduates. 

MIIS Alumni Working Together to Further International Cooperation in Aeronautics

Garvey McIntosh (MAIPS ’03), an international programs specialist at NASA headquarters in Washington D.C., recently traveled to Seoul, South Korea to engage in discussions with senior representatives from the Korean government to identify cooperative areas between the US and South Korea in the field of aeronautics. Garvey wrote to the Monterey Institute to tell us about the instant rapport and wonderful working relationship he established with Kristen Bauman (MAIPS ’99), science counselor at the US Embassy in Seoul.

Belinda Braunstein

Having been an exchange student herself in high school and college, Belinda Braunstein (MATESOL '93) has a personal appreciation for international education.

"I greatly value the experience that international students have," Belinda says. "I want to contribute to making it a powerful one." 


Merced, CA
United States
37° 18' 7.7868" N, 120° 28' 58.6848" W

Joy Campbell

As the Executive Associate Director for the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University, Joy Campbell (MATESOL '01) works to promote and support the teaching and learning of foreign languages in the United States.


East Lansing, MI
United States
42° 44' 13.1244" N, 84° 29' 1.914" W

Changing Lives Through International Education

"The work that I do...without mincing words, changes people lives."

That is the simple yet powerful answer that Justin Maniar (MAIPS '10) gave when asked about the work he does promoting international education.

"I work with so many students who without the support of people in the field of international education would never have the resources, support or encouragement to go abroad and seek out international education experiences," says Maniar.


Austin, TX
United States
30° 16' 1.7508" N, 97° 44' 35.0196" W

Natasha Isadora Frank

Thanks to her adventurous spirit and an interest in traveling, Natasha has been teaching overseas for the past seven years. She just finished a teaching position in the United Arab Emirates.

Security Issues in Syria, Iran and North Korea Draw Media to CNS Experts

The world-class experts at the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) are in high demand in national and international media whenever there is breaking news related to matters of security and weapons of mass destruction. On December 14, 2012, Reuters, the Washington Post, National Public Radio (NPR) and the Inter Press Agency each published stories featuring a CNS expert:

Hope and Change for Venezuela

At the Monterey Institute's 2012 Winter Commencement, the elected student speaker was Maria Luisa Olivarria.  The honor of giving this address was a fitting end for a student who has taken such a long and sometimes arduous path to graduation.  

Maria's journey started a few years ago in Venezuela, where she was part of a student movement protesting the country's government.

Monterey Institute Fall Graduates Urged to Keep Learning

While always a joyous occasion, commencement at the Monterey Institute can also be a little bittersweet for faculty and staff who say farewell to incredible students who have made their mark on the Monterey campus for the past two years.   But as President Sunder Ramaswamy remarked in his address at the December 8 Winter Commencement, the day also marks the initiation of graduates into the exclusive and very supportive network of Monterey Institute alumni.