Gabriel Guillen: Teaching & Learning Language in a Global Community

When I lived in Spain, I was the coordinator for Student Affairs and Integration for Middlebury College, opening Madrid’s door for American and international students. In today’s world, where there is global communication, and many people travel beyond their countries’ boundaries, English is a must for everyone – whether we like it or not. In my case, it was even more important that I spoke good English because I was working for a US college.


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Middlebury College Announces New Online Language Education Venture

This morning’s New York Times reports on a new agreement between Middlebury College and K12 Inc., a technology-based education company, to create and market innovative, high-quality online foreign language programs for pre-college students.

Professor Jinhuei Dai: Designing a New Language Learning Model

Professor Jinhuei Dai is a pioneer of innovative teaching and learning strategies. She advocates a "sustainable model" for teaching the Chinese language to policy students from a wide range of language levels and academic interests. By emphasizing individualization, the personal experience of learning, Professor Dai's students cultivate their language abilities.


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Sky Lantz-Wagner: Teaching to Make the World a Better Place

Sky Lantz-Wagner (PCMI/TESOL '12) shares his journey from scuba-diving instructor to graduate student:

I never expected to become a teacher. After college, I worked as a scuba-diving instructor in Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Thanks in part to a degree in international business, I had the opportunity to found Whale Shark Experience, an ecotourism company in the Mayan Riviera. It was an adventure, but not a career path I wanted to follow.


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Sam Marrero: Mastering Arabic on the Streets of Cairo

Sam Marrero (MAIPS '10) received a Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic at the American Research Center in Egypt last summer. He spent hours in the classroom learning formal Arabic and Egyptian dialect. He practiced his language skills every chance he could, even when buying pencils and erasers:

I haven’t told this story yet because I don’t think you would believe me.


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Orkhan Vahabov: Building Capacity for Azerbaijan's Future

Back in my home country of Azerbaijan, I studied International Economic Relations at the State Economic University. After that, I worked in the marketing division of the State Oil Company. I lived there all my life, had great friends and had a great time. But I realized I wanted to do more.


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Indira Citra: From Jakarta to a Career in Nursing

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I used to speak in English with my friends in Jakarta. My extroverted personality helped me with my oral abilities in English. In July 2007, World Disney Co. recruited me to work a year in Disney Animal Kingdom as the Indonesian Cultural Representative. Working in Disney Animal Kingdom helped me become more fluent in English. But I wanted to use English not just for oral communication but also for academic purposes. This is where I found my weakness. I also needed to improve my grammar.


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Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace

October 16, 2009

The Monterey Institute of International Studies is pleased to announce up to 30 full fellowships—including tuition, room, board and books to attend Middlebury Language Schools, June – August 2010. These fellowships link two affiliated institutions known internationally for language and international study: the Monterey Institute and Middlebury College. To be eligible for fellowships, candidates must be admitted to a degree program in international policy, international business, or teaching foreign language, for Fall 2010.

Lynn McDonald: Returning to Chile after Mastering Spanish

I struggled at first, started taking Spanish classes and benefited from good friendships with kind people. While these friendships helped me communicate during my two months abroad, people mostly smiled at my childish mistakes and dealt with my butchering of their language.


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