Prepare for Adventure: MIIS Winter Term Offerings Announced


January 2013 winter term opportunities for Institute students include a journey through Gandhi’s land, learning about transitional injustice in Chile, and participating in development projects in Peru or El Salvador, as well as a variety of courses offered in Monterey.

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Admissions Requirements

Students flock to the Samson Center - the hub of campus life - to study, grab a bite to eat, or meet with their classmates. Photo by Lucyna Jodlowska

Opening Paragraph

Admission to the Monterey Institute is based on a candidate's prior academic performance, professional experience, and foreign language proficiency.

Program-Specific Requirements

You will find our admissions requirements organized by program:

Application Process

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We carefully examine both past academic performance and professional experience in assessing candidates for our programs. Each year we strive to enroll candidates with strong intellectual and professional backgrounds who will add to the diverse and international community on our campus.

To start the application process, please be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Read the application instructions which outline all materials - including transcripts, recommendations, statements of purpose, and language proficiency assessments.
  2. Review our admission requirements before applying, particularly the foreign language proficiency requirements.