Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Yu-ling Elaine Lai: An Anthropology Major Explores Global Trade and Development

October 12, 2010

Yu-ling connects her illicit trade coursework with the issue of urban-rural migration in China.

Originally from Hong Kong, Yu-ling Elaine Lai is currently an anthropology major at Skidmore College. She has studied abroad in the Czech republic, learning to speak Czech almost fluently, and volunteered in many countries. In the future, she hopes to conduct further research on Chinese rural-urban immigrant workers.

Yu-ling recently attended the Monterey Institute's Peace, Trade, and Development program, a four-week intensive course designed for upper-level undergraduate students, prospective graduate students, and beginning professionals. The illicit trade and money laundering module taught by Professor Moyara Ruehsen inspired the video below.

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