Matthew Gleason

Matt Gleason

August 13, 2012

Program: Master of Business Administration

Specialization: Marketing

Undergrad: University of Maryland UC

Fast Fact:  Matt competes in Tough Mudder courses, some of the most brutal 7-12 mile obstacle courses in the country.  Think freezing-cold water traps, giant walls, mud runs and more!

“The Yellow Ribbon program is an admirable program and my attendance at MIIS would not be possible without it."

Matt Gleason came to the Monterey Institute after seven years of service in the United States Air Force as an Airborne Cryptologic Linguist.  Being a veteran, Matt was qualified to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. 

Matt shares, “The Yellow Ribbon program is an admirable program and my attendance at MIIS would not be possible without it.  I appreciate both the school and the congress’ support of furthering our troops’ education after their service in the military.”

Being in the military taught Matt that any organization is as strong as its people. He shares, "The people [in the military] are fantastic.  Sometimes the system and management structure get in the way of getting the best out of its people.  This is why I chose an MBA, since I saw so many processes that I felt could be done more efficiently and with better morale than were done currently.”

During his time with the military, Matt not only gained management experience but also his language skills.  He studied Mandarin Chinese at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey.  When deciding where to pursue his MBA, he says he chose MIIS first and foremost because he knew he would receive excellent language training and wanted to continue his Mandarin expertise.

Matt is specializing in marketing.  He says, “I am fascinated by how much strategy is involved in making marketing decisions.”  When asked what he enjoys most about the MBA program at MIIS, he replied, “My favorite thing about the MBA program is the variety and quality of my fellow students.  All of them bring a variety of strengths and perspectives that challenge and reinforce my views on a daily basis.”


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