Sheila Shermet (not verified)

Carl Fehlandt

Tribute to Carl Fehlandt

In those spheres of human endeavor that mattered to Carl, he was nonesuch, unparalleled. How did he achieve the excellence for which he was renown?

You are thinking perhaps of his intelligence, prodigious memory, self-control, stoicism and integrity? Or you recall his fierce loyalty, be it to an idea or to a friend?

I would venture that the secret to his success and what was truly remarkable about the unique man who was my teacher, mentor, friend, and finally family, was this:

He lived entirely in the moment. His laser-like beam of concentration focused on the now: reading the paper, listening to music, translating, being with a friend, laughing raucously. Nothing else existed in that moment save the activity in which he was engaged. No past, no future.

That is the real teaching his life bequeaths to us. Live in this moment. Love what you are doing now. Love in the here and now. That was Carl’s life.

I love him well.

November 14, 2012 @ 3:52 pm


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