Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

So so sad to learn about the passing on of my dear Professor, Father and brother in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I cannot really say how much I miss Doctor Grothe. He was so approachable, so humble, so willing to help. How can I describe his good and very kind heart...Thanks to him for the African National Scholarship. I only needed to share my need, and he came to the rescue; if not for Uncle P, (as I fondly called him) how could I have completed my studies at MIIS? Thanks to him, once again. He has done well, greatly well. He made many things in my life possible, empowering me to impact my community for the better too.

Not only about tuition, many times, he would ask how I am doing, with my son? so caring.
Even upon my return to Africa, he still took time to keep in contact, providing counsel, guidance through exchange of emails. I could never thank him enough...even upon his passing on, I look back and say Dr. Grothe was truly generous. Your generosity has made it possible for me to attempt things bigger and more noble then me...rest in Peace, Uncle P.

Upon learning about this transition, I have been looking at my album again...His kind smile He would always welcome us to his office with that smile. Smile on, Uncle P. Lay down thy head upon your Savior; we love thee well, but Jesus loves you best. Smile on, smile on.

Patience Ogele
MPA 2006