Ravi Kurani

Ravi is a budding entrepreneur with a background in sustainable business and supply chain management. Ravi launched a due diligence and investment campaign for the BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid) communities in India, while working with First Light Ventures Fund and Village Capital. First Light Ventures and Village Capital democratize entrepreneurship through peer support networks.  Ravi founded ImpactSpace.org, which is a database of social enterprise companies, financial organizations, and people.

Ian Fisk

Courses: Designing an Innovative Business Model

Paul Breloff

Courses: Diligence Process and Decision in Impact Investment

Yuwei Shi

Courses: Designing an Innovative Business Model

Simon Desjardins

1. What is it that you are most passionate about? 
I’m passionate about catalyzing innovations to bring access to modern energy services to underserved populations around the world.

2. What do you enjoy most about teaching and/or what excites you about being a professor at MIIS?

I love the curiosity and energy that MIIS students bring to class. It’s very rewarding to share our approach and work to a group of students who are interested in getting involved in the social enterprise sector.

Ross Baird

Courses: Introduction to Social Enterprise and Impact Investing and Scouting and Developing a Winning Social Venture