Douglas R. Garrison

What I am most passionate about: I am passionate about building successful organizations and helping practitioners develop the skills necessary to succeed as leaders.

Meggan Madden

I am passionate about how international education promotes intercultural dialogue and social change.

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS is working with internationally-minded and socially-conscious students who are committed to honing their professional skills in international education.

Kati Csoman

I am passionate about:

I am passionate about fostering the basic connections we can make with one another across cultures and languages through empathy and compassion.

Jenifer Cushman

I am passionate about:

I am passionate about travel and intercultural exchange as a means to cultivate compassion among the peoples of the world.

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS:

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS is the opportunity to interact with enthusiastic future professionals, through thoughtful and meaningful dialogue about considerations, concerns, and visions in the field of international education.

Sandra Meiras-Colley

I am passionate about:

I am passionate about promoting the benefits of an international education, the importance of broadening one's horizons and gaining understandings beyond those of our native language and culture

Jill Stoffers

Jill first became interested in working with people from different countries during high school when she was part of the AFS club and participated in Model UN. In college she spent part of her sophomore year in Sheffield, England and part of her senior year in Brussels, Belgium.

Thomas Roe

Dr. Thomas Roe is a clinical psychologist who currently specializes working with students and particularly students from underrepresented groups. He is the Coordinator for Graduate Student Counseling Services at University of California, Davis. Dr. Roe has hands on experience working closely with international students in a variety of contexts including mental health counseling, academic advising, and consultation. He also currently facilitates an international graduate student counseling group and works with members to be successful both in academics and in life.

Fusun Akarsu

Dr. Fusun Akarsu is a Visiting Professor from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. She taught a course on International Education Policy and a workshop on Intercultural Modes of Thinking this fall, drawing upon her experience in teaching education courses at undergraduate and graduate levels as well as her previous research in intercultural studies and leadership. She is offering two more courses in Intercultural Communication and again a workshop on Communicating through Social Media and World Events.

Beryl Levinger

I believe that people learn and grow when they work together to solve problems that hold meaning and significance for their lives. While experts are important, they are never smarter than a group of committed individuals working together in pursuit of social justice.

Here are seven short videos that offer my perspective on Social Change.