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Jason Scorse

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Jason Scorse 2017
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Director, Center for the Blue Economy; Program Chair, International Environmental Policy; Associate Professor
K23 Craig

I am passionate about: Living sustainably, not just preaching/teaching it.

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS: Seeing the amazing things our students are doing around the world. It is truly inspiring. I am always happy to talk with prospective, current, and former students by phone, skype, or in person. Please email me to set up an appointment.


Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, Behavioral Economics, International Economics & Development

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Recent Accomplishments

Professor Scorse's major accomplishment over the past year was to help launch the Center for the Blue Economy's (CBE) new research initiatives in coastal climate change adaption, and to hire the Center's first Research Director, Charles Colgan. The CBE also just launched the new Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics (JOCE), which is set to be the leader in this growing field.

Dr. Scorse is currently spending almost all of his time building the new Center, and increasing its partnerships across the world. The CBE recently entered into a cooperative agreement with The Nature Conservancy to pursue joint research projects over the next few years, and our partnerships with the Chinese National Marine Data Center and the Korean Maritime Institute continue to grow. The CBE is on strong financial footing and poised to grow in the coming years.


Ph.D. UC-Berkeley, M.S. UC-Berkeley; M.S. UC-Santa Cruz; B.A. UC-Santa Cruz

In the News

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Working Papers

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