Masaomi Kondo

I am most passionate about having my students become proficient enough in interpreting so that they can start working in the real world the next day they graduate from MIIS. 

Megumi Matsuoka

Professor Matsuoka is a freelance conference interpreter and translator. She has been working for many public and private sector clients in conferences on finance, manufacturing, marketing etc. in Japan. She had also worked as an in-house interpreter for major Japanese automotive companies and a theme park operating company in Japan for 6 years before becoming a freelance interpreter.

Hideko Russell

Hideko Russell has been a freelance translator since 1992, and has been teaching at the Monterey Institute since 2005. She has many original and translated publications (see below), and specializes in non-fiction, and business, medical, and educational documents.

U.S. Embassy in Japan Praises Institute’s Translation and Interpretation Programs

The Monterey Institute is cited as “a prestigious language and international policy studies school in the United States [that] offers both a master's degree in conference interpretation and a master's degree that combines both translation and interpretation” in the current issue of American View, a publication of the U.S. Embassy in Japan.

Tanya Fumiko Pound

Professor Pound has an extensive background in psychotherapy, youth housing program administration, and advertising. She has been a full-time Japanese to English technical translator since 1988, specializing in medical and pharmaceutical translation, patents, scientific research articles, instruction manuals, and business articles.

Naoko Matsuo

Professor Matsuo taught at Monterey Peninsula College, Robert Louis Stevenson School and Santa Catalina School.

Professor Matsuo taught English in Japan before coming to the U.S., and has been teaching at MIIS since 1992. She has also taught  at Monterey Peninsula College, Robert Louis Stevenson School and Santa Catalina School. She has published articles in Applied Language Learning, co-authored with Dr. Leo van Lier.