Stephan Cocron

I am passionate about how languages evolve and diverge from each other and how technology affects these changes. 

I love the diversity of the students and how much we can all learn from one another. The varied professional and academic backgrounds, coupled with the rich mix of cultures, languages, and interests, makes for a very rewarding experience. I always end up learning quite a bit when I teach.  

Charles Cai

English-Chinese translation and interpretation have been my passion ever since college years. Prior to returning to MIIS, I worked at McKinsey & Company, a global management consultancy, as an in-house translator and interpreter based in Shanghai. There I spent half my time translating business documents, and the other half interpreting for the firm’s foreign partners at various client meetings.

Kathryn Good

Kathryn Good has more than fifteen years of experience working with English language programs. Kathryn joined the Summer ICE program in 2014. She started her career teaching English to high school students in Hungary. In 2010, Kathryn joined the United Nations to serve as English coordinator, where she was responsible for English language training for diplomats and staff in New York, at the offices away from headquarters, and in peacekeeping missions.

Lisa Molle-Troyer

I never tire of weaving words together to form a whole that is more than the sum of its parts; that constant challenge is what draws me to translation and interpreting.

MIIS Program To Go National with Launch of Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English

The Monterey Institute has announced the launch of a new summer program offering intensive English training for international students attending college anywhere in the United States. The Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English program is based on the intensive English program that the Institute has for many years been offering to its own international students.

International Students Learn About the American Tradition of Thanksgiving

Michael Jacobs

As an adjunct prodessor at MIIS,  I have taught Standard American English (Accent Reduction) and Public Speaking for interpreters since 1996. A professional actor for over thirty years with a Master's degree in Performance with emphasis on voice and diction, I also teach theatre for Monterey Peninsula College and am Actor-In-Residence for the Pacific Repertory Theatre in Carmel. I have authored Speak Like an American, a program for rapid learning and comprehension of the Standard American English dialect and use it in my classes.

Barry Slaughter Olsen

Professor Olsen has been working as a conference interpreter and translator since 1993. Before joining our faculty, he was a translator in residence at American University in Washington, D.C. He has taught various courses on simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the United States, Latin America and Europe. Over the years he has interpreted for the U.S. State Department, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Organization of American States, National Geographic Society, C-SPAN Television, and many other public and private sector clients.