Geneva Paul

Location: New York, NY- USA

Partner: Accion NYC

Brittany John

Location: Cameroon

Partner: Jumpstart Academy

Madelle Kangha

Location: Cameroon

Partner: Jumpstart Academy Africa

Saurabh Saraf

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Partner: Biopolus

Frontier Market Scout’s New Social Venture Connects World Cup Fans with Safe Accommodations in Rio

What happens when a Frontier Market Scout meets the World Cup?

You get a social venture like Favela Experience – founded by Elliot Rosenberg, who holds a certificate in Social Enterprise and Impact Investing from the Monterey Institute’s Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) program – which connects the people of the favelas of Rio with World Cup fans seeking an authentic Brazilian experience and safe, affordable accommodations. Favela is the Portuguese word for slum.

Elliot Grossman

Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Partner: Makanas 

Patrick Malone

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Xela Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Partners: Impact Hub Amsterdam and Alterna

Tyler Clark

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Partner: Pomona Impact

Sophia Mortensen

Location: Houston, Texas - USA

Partner: Chilton Capital

Donna Sinar

Location: Rwanda

Partner: Resonate