Daniela Gheorghe

After a few years in communication and political marketing in Romania, Daniela has worked for two years for several recognized social enterprises in Assam and Rajasthan, India. As a Frontier Market Scout she continues her path towards becoming a social entrepreneur with another hands-on role, this time on operational optimization in South India with Waste Ventures (WV). WV provide integrated and sustainable solid waste management services to tier-2 and tier-3 cities across India. 

Lisa Ruetgers

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Partner: UpEnergy

MIIS Team Reaches Finals of Regional Hult Prize Competition, Makes Key Connections

A team of Monterey Institute students—Maria Kovell (MPA ‘14), Amitay Flores (MAIPS ‘14), Amanda Boyek (MAIPS ‘14), Natalie Cox (MPA ‘14), and Amy Ross (MPA ‘14)—made their mark at the Hult Prize regional competition last weekend in San Francisco, and left the competition with something at least as good as a win: a path forward for their innovative project.

Daniel Griffis

Location: Houston, Texas - USA

Partner: Village Capital

A graduate of Bucknell University with over two years of experience in the field of energy finance, Daniel is driven by a desire to broaden his skills within the energy business and to grow professionally.  Daniel recently started a position with Village Capital in Houston, Texas.

Kate Hanford

Kate has joined the FMS program after three years working on international environmental policy with Conservation International in Washington D.C.  With a degree in Business and Spanish language skills, Kate recently secured a placement working with the Unreasonable Institute in East Africa, a venture accelerator uniting 10-20 high-impact entrepreneurs from around East Africa in Kampala, Uganda. Kate is also supporting SOCAP, an annual event series based in the San Francisco Bay Area that connects leading global innovators.

Fiona Hoffman-Harland

Fiona is a recent graduate from Hamilton College. After exploring the public, private and social sectors and studying urban planning abroad, Fiona is interested in social entrepreneurship and investing in emerging economies. She recently commenced a field assignment with the Unreasonable Institute East Africa, a venture accelerator that annually unites 10-20 high-impact entrepreneurs from around East Africa in Kampala, Uganda.

Caitlin Carlson

A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and former Project Director for the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation (COAST), Caitlin is interested in launching a career in social entrepreneurship and impact investing. She recently commenced her field placement with Vilcap, a social enterprise accelerator which operates in Nairobi, Kenya and 17 other locations worldwide.

Meaghan Cassidy

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Partner: KARIBU Solar

A graduate of Northeastern University where she studied International Affairs and Social Entrepreneurship, Meaghan joined the FMS program after years in the field of management, product development, and marketing. Meaghan is joining KARIBU Solar, manufacturer and distributor of modular solar lamps, as Vice President, Operations in Moshi, Tanzania.

James Galvin

Location: Monterey, California - USA

Partners: Points of Light and Village Capital

Catherine Pratt

As a graduate of the University of Washington, Catherine joined the FMS after working with Forcier Consulting where she was a Business Development Officer in Cairo, Egypt and Jubba, South Sudan.  Catherine is currently continuing her work in developing markets through her field placement with iKure Techsoft, a social enterprise delivering affordable healthcare to over 80 villages throughout India.