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Raj Aggarwal

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Raj Aggarwal, Picture
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Executive Education Instructor
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Akron, Ohio

Dr. Raj Aggarwal, CFA is the Sullivan Professor of International Business and Finance and former Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Akron. Before that he was the Firestone Chair in Finance at Kent State University and the Mellen Chair in Finance at John Carroll University. He has received teaching and research honors including university-wide distinguished scholar and distinguished faculty awards, also taught at Harvard, Michigan, and South Carolina.

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Global finance, financial analysis

Sandra M. Dow

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Sandra Dow
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Professor of International Finance, MBA in Global Impact Management
McCone 211

Dr. Sandra Dow has taught at the University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada), Concordia University (Canada), Wake Forest University (USA), Saint Mary's University (Canada), and Warsaw School of Economics (Poland).  During her academic career she has taught a range of courses including:  Corporate Finance, International Finance, International Investments, Corporate Governance, and Environmental/Social/Governance Risk Management. Professor Dow received her Ph.D.

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Corporate Governance; International Finance; Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Risk Management.

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Recent Publications in Academic and Practitioner Outlets

Dow, Sandra. “Managing Stakeholder Expectations”, in Reputation Risk Management in Banks, Petra Merl and Thomas Kaiser editors. RepRisk Books, 2014.

McGuire, Jean, Sandra Dow, and Bakr Ibrahim. “All in the family: Social performance and corporate governance in the family firm.” Journal of Business Research, Vol. 65, 11, 2012, pp. 1643–1650.

Aggarwal, Raj and Sandra Dow. "Dividends and strength of Japanese business group affiliation." Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 64, 3, 2012, pp. 214–230.

Aggarwal, Raj and Sandra Dow. “Corporate governance and business strategies for climate change and environmental mitigation.” European Journal of Finance, Vol. 18, 3-4, 2012, pp. 311-331.

Dow, Sandra, Jean McGuire and Toru Yoshikawa. “Disaggregating the group effect: Vertical and horizontal keiretsu in changing economic times.” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol. 28, 2, 2011, pp. 299-323.

Aggarwal, Raj and Sandra Dow. “Navigating the C2 economy.” The European Financial Review, April/May 2011, pp. 46-51.

Dow, Sandra and Jean McGuire. “Industrial networks in Japan: Blessing or curse?” The European Financial Review, February/March 2011, pp. 17-21.

Dow, Sandra and Jean McGuire. “Propping and tunneling: Empirical evidence from Japanese keiretsu.” Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 33, 10, 2009, pp. 1817-1828.

McGuire, Jean and Sandra Dow. “Japanese keiretsu: Past, present, future.” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol. 26, 2, 2009, pp. 333-351.

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