ExecEd Program

Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw is a Research Associate and Export Control Instructor in the East Asia Nonproliferation Program (EANP) at CNS. His research interests include export controls, WMD-related trafficking and supply chain networks, and Northeast Asian security issues. In 2010, Robert assisted with the curriculum development for the CNS-supported Asia Export Control Fellows Program, and he has written on the response of regional export control systems to illicit North Korean WMD-related procurement networks.

Stephanie Lieggi

Stephanie Lieggi is a Research Associate in the Center for Nonproliferation Studies in the East Asia Nonproliferation Program. Her research interests have included U.S.-China bilateral relations, WMD-related developments in China, Beijing's space program, as well as China's nonproliferation and export control policies. Since 2004, Stephanie has worked on CNS export control-related publications, first as managing editor of the Asian Export Control Observer and later as Associate Editor-in-Chief of the International Export Control Observer.

Amb. Alan Wm. Wolff

Ambassador Alan Wolff has a distinguished career of public service that spans the fields of international trade, legislative and public policy and litigation with a special emphasis on the renewable and clean energy industry. He currently leads Dewey & LeBoeuf's International Trade Practice Group, which has been credited with helping to open international markets for American products including semiconductors, computer parts, telecommunications equipment, soda ash and forest products, consumer photographic film and paper, and insurance and other services. Mr.

Moyara Ruehsen

I am passionate about capacity building in the areas of financial regulatory compliance and investigations, and public policies related to illicit markets as well as the macro-economy.  While my research and consulting work can be invigorating, my first love will always be teaching.  I hope to convey my own passion for these subjects to my students and inspire them to go out and explore new career paths they might not have considered when they first began their studies here.

Wei Liang

I am passionate about exploring the relationship between politics and economics and the policy issues derived from the interaction, including trade, development and governance.

I love being a professor at MIIS because our faculty and students share the sense of consciousness and responsibility as citizens of global, national, and local communities.