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Alumni Reunion Coming Up Fast – Register Now!

You can still join the fun, but time is running short!

Alumni Reunion 2013 is coming up fast and we know you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates, friends, professors, staff, and the irreplaceable beauty of the Monterey Peninsula. The registration deadline for faculty and staff is July 15; all other alumni are welcome to register through July 25.

Follow Along with Students’ Summer Adventures via the MIIS Abroad Blogs

For most Monterey Institute students, summer is the time when they take lessons learned in the classroom out into the world and gain professional experience through internships, jobs, research scholarships, and fellowships. That often means packing those lessons into suitcases for exotic locations and preparing for adventure.

Craig Middleton: MIIS Alumnus Working to Create New Kind of National Park

"You could say it is any MPA's dream project," says Craig Middleton (MPA '87) of his leading role in establishing the Presidio Trust in 1996, a federal agency that manages the Presidio of San Francisco, a national park site that previously served as a military post under the flags of three nations. The Trust was, and remains, a unique agency.

Class of 43 Frontier Market Scouts Head to Social Impact Investing Assignments in 15 Countries

As the Monterey Institute's Frontier Market Scouts program continues to develop and grow in scope, so does its appeal. This June, 43 people with very different backgrounds participated in the summer training and are off to placements in 15 countries ranging from two to six months. The group consists of seven Monterey Institute students, 32 professionals from various fields such as medicine, engineering and investment banking, as well as two Harvard undergraduates and one from Northeastern University.

MIIS Match: Over Time and Distance, Love Took Root

We love to profile "MIIS Matches" and chose the happy couple this month in celebration of Gay Pride Month and today's Supreme Court decision declaring DOMA unconstitutional – but most of all, because their joy continues to brighten the Monterey Institute campus.

Center for Nonproliferation Studies Welcomes Largest Group of Students Yet to Summer Undergraduate Internship Program

This summer, the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) welcomed a group of very promising undergraduate students, including nine summer interns and two Davis United World College (UWC) fellows, to its Summer Undergraduate Internship in Nonproliferation Studies program.

MIIS Welcomes 158 Summer Language Students from 19 Countries

Summer has arrived at the Monterey Institute and with it an influx of new students immersing themselves in a second or third language.  One hundred and thirty students from the U.S., Canada, Namibia and Ireland are enrolled in the eight-week long Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP). The average class size in the popular program is ten students and the courses involve cultural lessons and field trips as well as intensive language instruction.

Center for the Blue Economy Fellows Off to Summer Adventures Around the World

The Monterey Institute’s Center for the Blue Economy (CBE) offers financial and academic support to Monterey Institute students working on summer projects that will enhance their studies and provide them with professional experience to help build their dream careers after graduation.
This summer the thirteen CBE Fellows span the globe: from right here in Monterey, to placements elsewhere in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, South America, China and the Pacific Islands:

Incoming Student Amy Slay: Inspired by Skills and Leadership of a MIIS Alumnus

Every fall, the Monterey Institute welcomes a new batch of students with a wide range of experience and aspirations from around the world. We recently got an advance on that promise when we heard from Amy Michelle Slay, incoming student in the joint MPA/Master of Arts in International Education Management program.

Desire to “Learn from the Best” Draws Professionals Like Judy Jenner to MIIS Short Programs

“I chose to attend Advanced Techniques for Court Interpreters because I really wanted to learn from the best – Holly Mikkelson and Esther Navarro-Hall,” says professional Spanish and German interpreter Judy Jenner, who attended the course to prepare for the oral portion of the Federal Court interpreting exam.