Stories from the Newsroom and MIIS Around the World that we'd like to feature in the sidebar.

Recent Graduate Sabina Khan Regular Op-Ed Contributor to NY Times Affiliate in Pakistan

Sabina Khan (IPS’10) graduated with a master’s degree in International Policy Studies and a focus on conflict resolution in December of 2010. A mere four months later she had published her first op-ed article “Reforms in Fata,” for the Express Tribune, a New York Times, International Herald Tribune affiliated newspaper in Pakistan.

Centre for Conflict Studies Established by MIIS Professor

Monterey Institute professor Pushpa Iyer has announced the formal opening of the Centre for Conflict Studies (CCS), a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote deeper understanding of conflict and peace. CCS provides a forum for research projects, working papers and fellowships as well as a platform for networking between scholars and practitioners from the field of conflict studies.

Alumnus and Adjunct Professor Russ Howard Widely Quoted in National Media

A June 29, 2011 Associated Press story “White House unveils retooled plan to hunt Al-Qaeda” by Kimberly Dozier about the new U.S. national counter-terrorism strategy quotes Retired Brigadier General Russ Howard, alumnus and adjunct professor at the Monterey Insitute. The story was widely published in the national media, for example by CBS News, NPR and USA Today.

MIIS Students Share Stories of Summer Adventures

Immersive learning is a signature element of the Monterey Institute’s distinctive approach to graduate professional education. Students build on the foundation of theory and classroom learning by tacking real-life issues as part of their coursework through a variety of immersive learning opportunites offered, from internships to targeted development projects with academic supervision.

6 Languages, 150 Students, 8 Weeks = MIIS Summer Intensive Language Program

For more than fifty years the Monterey Institute has offered summer intensive language instruction ranging from elementary to advanced level. This summer around 150 students are enrolled in the MIIS Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) studying six different languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish in an intensive eight-week program. The program pushes students to strongly improve their language skills over the summer digesting three semesters worth of material with their full-time language focus.

Tatiana Ivanova: First Translated Book Published Weeks after Graduation

Tatiana Ivanova (MATI ’11) graduated in May from the very demanding Translation and Interpretation degree program at the Monterey Institute. As if that was not enough of a challenge, she somehow found time in between classes and assignments to work on a translation of the 1989 award-winning novel Holes by Louis Sachar into Russian.

MIIS Community Mourns Loss of Professor Stephen Garrett

Stephen Garrett joined the Monterey Institute of International Studies faculty in 1974, specializing in teaching courses on U.S. foreign policy, ethics and international affairs, and the intelligence community. It was with great sadness that the MIIS community received news of his passing on Saturday, June 11, after a brave struggle over the past few months following a recent surgery.

Author and Activist Reza Aslan to Lead Executive Training Course on Social Media

The Monterey Institute’s Executive Education program has added a two-day intensive course in “Social Media, Youth Movements and Dynamic Markets” led by the reknowned author and activist Reza Aslan of Aslan Media to its line-up of courses. The course will be held at the Monterey Institute on Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16, and content covered will include:

Six MIIS Alumni Currently on UN Interpreting Staff

The so-called “Monterey Mafia”—Monterey Institute alumni—are everywhere, but are particularly well-represented in major international organizations such as the United Nations.  The Institute’s busy Alumni Relations Office recently heard from Dylan Westfeldt (MATI ’99), currently a staff interpreter at UN Headquarters in New York, who reported that “at UNHQ there are currently six MIIS staffers and one busy freelancer. Further, three MIIS grads just passed the last staff exam for the English booth.”

NPR’s Morning Edition, the National Journal Feature CNS Experts

Experts from the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) were featured on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and also in the National Journal within the last few days.

Morning Edition interviewed CNS Deputy Director Leonard Spector regarding the unfolding story of international efforts to condemn activities at Syria’s nuclear reactor. The piece speculates that heightened interest in the nuclear reactor may reflect an international strategy to pressure Syria into halting its current violent crackdown on internal dissent.