Can international students apply for the Betty and David Jones Scholarship?

Yes. For students who will be using English as their language of study at Monterey Institute, please note that there is a TOEFL requirement for all non-native speakers of English. iBT TOEFL total score is 77-85 with no sub-score below 19 and the writing score (TWE) in the range of 20-23. These TOEFL requirements are not for students who have been admitted to one of our Translation and Interpretation programs.

Will I earn credit toward my Monterey Institute master’s degree by studying language at Middlebury, SILP, or EPGS?

Generally no. Most students will be studying a language in order to meet the Monterey Institute’s prerequisite requirements for admission.

Does this scholarship cover full costs for the Language School at Middlebury?

It will cover tuition, room, and board. Students are responsible for their own travel and personal expenses.

Does this scholarship cover full costs for the summer program at Monterey Institute?

It will only cover tuition. Students are responsible for their travel, room, board and personal expenses.

What if I want to attend the Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP), English Preparation for Graduate Studies (EPGS), or English Preparation for Translation and Interpretation (EPTI) but am not selected as a Betty and David Jones Scholarship recipient?

You will need to submit a separate application to the SILP, EPGS, or EPTI program. Please see our language programs for more information on the application process for these programs.