Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Will I have the opportunity to improve my language proficiency before my first semester begins?

There are many opportunities to enhance your language skills before and during your degree program. Many students attend our intensive language programs:

I am fluent in a foreign language. Can I waive the language requirement for the international policy and business degree programs?

In certain cases, students who demonstrate near-native level fluency in a foreign language may waive all or part of their language requirements. Non-native English speakers who demonstrate a high level of English proficiency may also do this. To learn more, contact us at info@miis.edu

Does this scholarship cover full costs for the Language School at Middlebury?

It will cover tuition, room and board. Students are responsible for their own travel and personal expenses.

Why do I have to pay a tuition deposit to Middlebury if my expenses will be paid?

Middlebury’s Language Programs are competitive and selective. They need to be sure you plan to enroll or they will give the slot to another deserving candidate. Scholarship recipients will be reimbursed their $400 deposit upon registration for their summer classes at Middlebury.

Can international students apply for the Betty and David Jones Scholarship?

Yes. For students who will be using English as their language of study at the Institute, please note that there is a TOEFL requirement for all non-native speakers of English. iBT TOEFL total score is 77-85 with no sub-score below 19 and the writing score (TWE) in the range of 20-23.

Can I apply for this scholarship without applying to the degree program at the Institute?

No. Only students admitted for fall 2011 are eligible to be awarded this scholarship. As long as we have received all required documents for the application to the degree program, you are eligible to apply for this scholarship. If you are not admitted to the degree program, you will automatically be removed from the scholarship consideration.

Will I earn credit toward my the Institute Master's by studying language this summer?

Generally no. Most students will be studying a language in order to meet the Institute’s prerequisite requirements for admission.

Does this scholarship cover full costs for the summer program at the Institute?

It will only cover tuition. Students are responsible for their travel, room, board and personal expenses.

What if I'm admitted to the Institute but am not selected as a Betty and David Jones scholarship recipient?

You may still enroll at the Institute as long as you meet the language component of the admission requirements prior to starting master’s classes in fall 2011. Our Admissions staff can help you with solutions. E-mail questions to enroll@miis.edu.

With this scholarship, can I enroll in 2012 instead of 2011?

No. This scholarship is for the summer of 2011 and starting at the Institute in a master’s program in fall 2011.