Conference Interpretation

MIIS Translation and Interpretation Programs Lauded in Deseret News

In a recent column in the Salt Lake City area‘s Deseret News, alumnus Adam Wooten (MAT/MBA '06) emphasizes that conversational skills and even fluency in another language do not in any way compare to the formal graduate education required to be successful as a high-level translator and interpreter. Wooten is vice president of the Globalization Group Inc. and teaches a translation and technology course at Brigham Young University.

Language Services Associates Establishes New Scholarship Fund for Language Scholars at MIIS

The Monterey Institute of International Studies and Language Services Associates (LSA), a global language service provider offering a full suite of multicultural solutions, are proud to announce the establishment of The Language Services Associates Scholarship Fund at MIIS. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to ambitious and worthy students who are otherwise unable to afford to attend the Monterey Institute.

Paula Manrique: How to Make It as a Freelance Interpreter

In the last year, there have been many changes to how I approach conference interpretation. Interpreting per se has not changed throughout this year: What happens inside the booth will always be the core of our job. But what happens outside the booth lands you the gigs. You have the skills, but how do you match them with the clients?


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Maiko Shimmura: 5 Questions for a Translator & Interpreter at Honda Motors

1) Tell us about your position as a Japanese-English translator & interpreter for Honda Motors.

I interpret simultaneously for the Purchasing Division's meetings related to cost planning and translate presentation documents and emails for the American associates stationed in Japan.

2) What are the most enjoyable moments of your job?

I have the opportunity to interpret for management level meetings which determine the future path of the company. It is exciting to be able to support such discussions!


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May ’09 Institute Graduate Interprets for Former President Clinton

Like many of her fellow students in the Monterey Institute’s Conference Interpretation program, Paula Manrique (MACI '09) hoped that her international career would give her the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people from different parts of the world while facilitating dialogue between them.

Elias Shakkour: A Passion for Language from a Master's Degree in Conference Interpretation to Ph.D in Linguistics

Elias (MACI '10) begins his first year as a linguistics Ph.D student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne.

Although he doesn't have to choose a Ph.D specialization until his second year, Elias is eager to explore the field. He's considering delving into sociolinguistics and analyzing how dialects are perceived in the Arabic and German speaking worlds. Hoping to help bridge cultural divides, he also dreams of writing an Arabic dialect textbook someday.