Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
I will be leaving for the Peace Corps next semester, is there anything I need to do before I leave?

Complete a Leave of Absence Petition PCMI and turn it in at the Records Office.  You should also complete a Petition to Graduate if you have not already done so.


Do I have any choice about what country I go to?

What country you go to depends largely on what countries are currently requesting aid from the Peace Corps, what skills are needed in those countries, and what technical (work) skills you possess. Sometimes the language skills you have already developed are an additional factor.

What additional degrees or specializations are available?

Some students choose to stay an extra semester at MIIS (whether or not they do the Peace Corps program) and complete a specialization — i.e., they get additional education and specialized training. We currently offer specializations in (a) Language Program Administration (LPA), International Education Management (IEM), and (b) TESOL or TFL. (For example, if you are completing your M.A.

What kinds of financial aid packages are available while pursuing the MATESOL degree via the PCMI Program? Are there any graduate research or teaching assistant positions?

There are many scholarships, work-study positions, and graduate assistantships at MIIS. In addition, a large proportion of the students who are U.S. citizens have some kind of financial aid. The tuition is typical of private schools. Also, since MIIS does not have doctoral programs, students who apply for scholarships or graduate assistantships here are not competing with PhD candidates.

Does the TESOL/TFL degree program offer any alternative "internships" that do not involve Peace Corps service?

Yes. MIIS TESOL candidates have participated in both U.S.-based and international internships.  We can also work with you to assist you in developing your own short-term professional experience. There are many opportunities to teach part-time in the Monterey area, including at one of the three area adult schools, one of the two local community colleges, or at MIIS itself. However, we don't recommend that you teach during your first semester. You can contact Ms. Edy Rhodes in the Center for  Advising and Career Services for more information on this point.

How do the application processes for MIIS and Peace Corps coincide? Do I have to be accepted in the Peace Corps before applying as a PCMI candidate at MIIS?

As long as your Peace Corps application process is under way by the time you arrive on campus at MIIS to attend classes, you are officially considered a PCMI candidate. You are not required to have already been accepted by the Peace Corps. If, however, you arrive on campus to begin classes without having submitted your Peace Corps application, you will not be considered a PCMI candidate.