Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
What is the cost?

The DC and Monterey program fee is $2,500. 

MIIS and Middlebury students can participate at the internal rate of $400 for Monterey in the summer and $500 for the Winter. The internal rate for DC is $500.

The program fee covers the cost of instruction, materials, and supplies for the course as well as Monday breakfast and receptions. 

What types of tools will be covered?


*Subject to variation

Module One

-Problem Tree

-Results Framework

-Project Design Summary

-Indicator Worksheet with baseline and target values

Module Two

-Core Competency Map

-Strategic Partnership Matrix

-Developing an Alliance and Industry Innovation

Module Three

-Participatory Development Facilitation Plan

What are the application requirements? Am I eligible?

If you are an enrolled MIIS student, you may simply fill out the online application and submit it electronically. Additional materials are required of non-MIIS students, including a personal statement, resume or CV, and an unofficial transcript.

Participants who have completed at least two years of undergraduate work, and have a demonstrated interest in international development, are welcomed to apply to the DPMI training. This program is for junior professionals, career-changers, advanced undergraduates, and graduate students.

When is the application deadline?

Winter Session Application Deadlines: 

Early Review: September 1, 2016

Regular Admission: October 31, 2016

Summer Session Application Deadlines:

Early review (international applicants must apply by this date): March 1, 2017

General Application Deadline: April 1, 2017