Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
What types of positions are available?

There are positions available in many different fields of international policy. Please see theĀ list of previousĀ IPSS Participants and Participating Organizations to learn more about the types of positions available. It is also recommended that you meet with IPLSP Director Carolyn Meyer and/or your career advisor and faculty to brainstorm options.

What kinds of positions and sites are generally open to MIIS PCMI candidates from the Institute while they are in the Peace Corps?

TESOL PCMI assignments in the past have included primarily secondary school or university EFL teaching positions and EFL teacher training positions. Sometimes MIIS volunteers have served both of those functions. Less commonly, some volunteers have been assigned to youth development positions, which include English teaching for youth and/or teacher training components. Because of the training you receive in your first year at MIIS, you can expect that your Peace Corps in-country directors will want to place you at the sites that require the most knowledge and expertise.