Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
What tools are available to me to search for internship opportunities online?

Learn more about how to search for internships by visiting the Jobs and Internships webpage.

How do I connect with MIIS alumni?

Please contact your Career and Academic Advisor for more details.

Does the TESOL/TFL degree program offer any alternative "internships" that do not involve Peace Corps service?

Yes. MIIS TESOL candidates have participated in both U.S.-based and international internships.  We can also work with you to assist you in developing your own short-term professional experience. There are many opportunities to teach part-time in the Monterey area, including at one of the three area adult schools, one of the two local community colleges, or at MIIS itself. However, we don't recommend that you teach during your first semester. You can contact Ms. Edy Rhodes in the Center for  Advising and Career Services for more information on this point.