If I win, will CCS be able to provide transportation to Monterey for my family as well?

Yes, if you are one of the top three, CCS will be able to provide transportation and lodging for the student. On a case-by-case basis and subject to the availability of funds, we might be able to support a family member who will travel with the student.

How do I arrange transportation from the airport?

Inform the Fulbright Program Coordinator, Courtney Pahl, of your arrival date and time by emailing cpahl@miis.edu. In your Terms of Appointment, it is indicated that you are required to inform the Coordinator of your flight plans, including departure date and time, arrival date and time, airline and flight number(s), at least 10 days prior to your arrival in the United States. We will arrange your transportation from the Monterey Peninsula Airport (MRY) to the hotel and give you more details about airport pickup closer to your arrival date.

Do I need a car for my housing search?

Many students do not have cars, so if you are hoping to find housing within walking distance of campus, you certainly could conduct your search without a car. However, a rental car would certainly make the process a bit easier and quicker. So, if your budget allows for renting a car for a few days, it is a good option. We do have students that opt to live further away and those areas require willingness to walk a longer distance, ride a bike (a recreation/bike trail stretches for miles along the waterfront), take public transportation, or have a car.