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MIIS Student Interpreting at the Winter Olympics Profiled in Local Weekly

Current translation and interpretation student Simone Bonneville (MACI ’11) is the subject of a profile in today’s edition of the Monterey County Weekly. Bonneville is one of 14 students, alumni, and current and former faculty from the Institute who are serving as translator/interpreters at the Vancouver, Canada Winter Olympic Games.

Institute Sponsors First-Ever North American Summit on Interpreting

The Monterey Institute of International Studies has signed on as a founding sponsor of the 1st North American Summit on Interpreting, an innovative conference that will for the first time bring together professionals in the fields of community, conference, legal, medical, military, and signed language interpreting to meet, learn, and network with one another. The inaugural conference is scheduled for June 17, 2010 in Arlington, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C.

Julie Johnson: 5 Questions for a French Translator & Interpreter

Are my French language skills good enough to be a professional interpreter? Julie Johnson, a conference interpreter and published translator specializing in corporate law, advanced technologies and telecommunications, discusses the skills necessary to enter the field of translation and interpretation. Julie is a professor of translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at the Monterey Institute.


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U.S. Embassy in Japan Praises Institute’s Translation and Interpretation Programs

The Monterey Institute is cited as “a prestigious language and international policy studies school in the United States [that] offers both a master's degree in conference interpretation and a master's degree that combines both translation and interpretation” in the current issue of American View, a publication of the U.S. Embassy in Japan.

UN Selects MIIS As One of Nine Partner Schools Worldwide

A new agreement between the United Nations and the Monterey Institute of International Studies signed Thursday is expected to expand internship and employment opportunities for current and future Institute students and graduates.

Monterey Institute's Translation and Interpretation Programs Gain Top Five Ranking

Posted September 28, 2009

Stanford Spotlights Medical Interpreters - and the Institute's Role in Training Them

Posted April 24, 2009

Adama Abe: The Impact of Education in Cameroon

Adama becomes an English teacher and looks to incorporate technology and the internet into our classes to connect the classes with the English speaking world.  The administration of her school resists and Adama can see the difficulty with change first hand.


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Northern California Translators Association Offers Free Memberships to Monterey Institute Graduates

Posted July 6, 2009

The Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) announced recently that it is extending a free six-month membership in the nation's largest and most active local translation organization to all 2009 graduates of the Master of Arts in Translation, Interpretation and Localization Management Program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in recognition of their achievements and to provide them a pathway into the world of translation, interpretation and localization.