“Cultivating Innovation”: TEDxMonterey Returns to MIIS April 15

On April 15, the Monterey Institute of International Studies is hosting TEDxMonterey for the second time. This year the theme is “Cultivating Innovation,” and the impressive line-up of speakers and presenters is shaping up to be true to the TED promise of “riveting talks by remarkable people.”

Jaymee Martin: Language Teachers Change the World

At the end of the fall 2010 semester, language teaching students in Peter Shaw's Principles and Practices of Language Teaching course gathered to share their group projects at a Trade Fair. Each project contained tasks and lesson designs based on a "macrostrategy" from the book Beyond Methods: Macrostrategies for Language Teaching by B. Kumaravadivelu (2003), who they affectionately nicknamed "Kumar."

The students entered the Kumar Trade Fair thinking it was an ordinary end -of-semester function. They left realizing that it was just the beginning of something much bigger.


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Mike Garnett, TESOL Alum and B.U.I.L.D. Co-founder

Recent graduate Mike Garnett (TESOL’10) discusses B.U.I.L.D., the up and coming language learning collaborative at MIIS.

1) We’re in the Samson Center and even though it’s dead in here, I can still distinguish about four different languages around us. I hear you may have something to do with this? What is this B.U.I.L.D. initiative people have been telling me about?

MIIS Students Share Diverse Cultures, Languages and International Experiences with Local High School Students


Translation and Interpretation Students Report on “Extraordinary” UN Summer Internship Experience

International Translation and Interpretation Day Celebrated at MIIS and Around the World

MIIS Alums Are Only Two U.S.-Sponsored English Language Fellows in Afghanistan

Jaala Thibault (MATESOL ’07) and Tara Bates (MATESOL ’07) are getting settled in Kabul, Afghanistan this week, where they will serve as the only two U.S. State Department English Language Fellows in the country this year. “Being selected as an English Language Fellow for the State Department is one of the most prestigious positions a recent MA graduate in TESOL or TFL can achieve,” says TESOL Professor Kathleen Bailey. 

Professor Jinhuei Dai: Designing a New Language Learning Model

Professor Jinhuei Dai is a pioneer of innovative teaching and learning strategies. She advocates a "sustainable model" for teaching the Chinese language to policy students from a wide range of language levels and academic interests. By emphasizing individualization, the personal experience of learning, Professor Dai's students cultivate their language abilities.


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Edie Furniss: Exploring Russian Teaching Resources on the Web

During her first year of coursework for the Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) certificate, Edie Furniss (MATFL Russian, '10) researched and experimented with a number of new web 2.0 tools and considered their potential applications for second and foreign language teaching.  Since then she has pursued a number of opportunities for bringing that work to a larger audience of language teaching professionals.


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Jenny Rose Tobin: Social Networks in Education

Jenny Rose Tobin (TESOL '09) spent the summer working with beginning-level ESL high school students at an international boarding school, where she was a writing teacher and activities leader. Having used a  social networking tool (Ning) in a CALL course at MIIS, Jenny Rose became interested in exploring this platform for sharing her summer students' writing, as well as a way to host their photos online.


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