Mindy Chiang: Promoting Human Trafficking Awareness

Inspired by their group project in Data Analysis (IPOL 8504) that linked human trafficking with women's empowerment, Mindy Chiang (MPA '09) and four other classmates founded One Less, Uno Menos, an NGO that promotes awareness on human trafficking.  Activities of the group include working with the Toluca, Mexico government to work with college students on anti-human trafficking and establishing the STOP club at MIIS to promote awareness on human t


28° 13' 59.9988" N, 83° 58' 59.9988" E

Sabina Dyussekeyeva: Exploring Governance Frameworks at the World Bank

IPSS Assignment: World Bank
Public Sector Governance Group (PRMPS)
Washington, D.C.
Spring/Summer 2009

Sabina is an international student from Kazakhstan. She has an undergraduate degree in Public Policy and Economics. After graduation, she worked both in the private and public sector. In the year of 2007 Sabina was granted a government scholarship (Bolashak) and came to Monterey to gain more knowledge in the Public Sector Management Field.


53° 16' 56.2584" N, 63° 39' 17.226" E

Deanna Gergich: A Change Agent Interns at UNHCR

IPSS Assignment: The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Community Development, Gender Equality & Children Section
Geneva, Switzerland
Spring/Summer 2009

Deanna is originally from Seattle, Washington where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University.  Prior to arriving at the Monterey Institute, she worked extensively in the public and non-profit sector on issues of literacy, psychosocial services, family planning and public health. 


Case Postale 2500
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Justin Bench: Utilizing Development Management Skills in Latin America


0° 13' 46.1928" S, 78° 31' 27.3972" W

Scott Webb: Reflections from the Development Project Management Institute (DPMI)

Scott Webb graduated from the Public Administration program at the Monterey Institute. Prior to MIIS, he served as a recruiter with the Peace Corps. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife and two daughters.


Washington, DC
United States
38° 53' 31.5276" N, 77° 1' 26.598" W

Ravi Dutta: Implementing Theory and Practice at Save the Children

As an MPA student, I've developed a strong foundation in program design.  In my internship with Save the Children in Indonesia, I'm learned how program management relates to program design.   To be successful, a program needs to be designed well.  However, it still needs to be properly managed and executed well.  One can only learn a little about management from classes and books, but much of what you learn about management comes from experience.  It’s great that my classes involved practical projects in groups, and I can get credit for going out to the field for 6 months.  I met many other


Banda Aceh
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Irina Shestiperova: MPA Coursework in Action

On a recent visit back to the Institute, Irina Shestiperova shared her experience working after graduation.


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Rebekah Hunt: A Summer in South Africa

Rebekah Hunt (MPA '10) interned last summer for the Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and researched the best practices for memorialization, the creation of monuments or memorial sites, in South Africa. She explored how honoring the past educates future generations and, therefore, may transform communities divided by conflict.


South Africa
26° 11' 60" S, 28° 4' 59.9988" E

El Salvador Practicum: Collaborating for Sustainable Community Development

Last January fifteen intrepid graduate students (aka Team Monterey 4) traveled to the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador to tackle agricultural, water access, and conservation issues. Visit the Equipo Monterey blog to explore their adventures searching for illicit turtle eggs at the local markets, or designing workshops for food producers to share knowledge and potential growth strategies.


El Salvador
13° 20' 13.9884" N, 88° 42' 10.3824" W