MIIS Student’s Humorous Newsletters to Friends Published in Book

It could be said that the summer James Reavis (MPA ’12) spent learning Arabic as part of the Monterey Institute Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) was transformative, in more ways than one.  One day as the program was nearing its end, James said that he made the decision not to lose contact with the “amazing people he had spent the summer with,” and collected their email addresses with the intention to keep in touch.  And keep in touch he did.  “The Jim Report” started arriving in about one hundred inboxes of his friends and

Nüket Kardam: Connecting Students to the Monterey Community through Grassroots Leadership

I taught a seminar in Spring 2010 on Grassroots Leadership for the first time, and this innovative seminar culminated in a Grassroots Leadership Symposium. This Symposium was organized by my students, and many grassroots leaders and some academics who work in the local Monterey area were invited to the Symposium.


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Maha Baimyrzaeva: What will you do at the Casa Fuente Building?

Mahabat Baimyrzaeva, Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management, spent her youth in the libraries of Kyrgyzstan, reading whatever she could get her hands on.  While her interests varied, her passion for learning drove her to obtain a doctorate degree in the U.S. Considering Maha's eclectic background, it’s no surprise she is attracted to the Casa Fuente Building.


Casa Fuente
449 Pierce St
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Adriana Taboada: Who Will You Meet at the Morse Building?

Adriana Taboada (MPA '11) was born in Peru and spent two years in the field working with immigrants from Latin America before pursuing a Master's in Public Administration.  Because the Monterey Institute is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States, our community is important to Adriana.  The first thing you will notice about the Morse Building is its crown made of 50+ flags from all corners of the world, each symbolizing the different citizenships that comprise our student body.


Morse Building
426 Van Buren St.
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YuFei Wang: Meet a Digital Media Commons Graduate Assistant

In 1999 YuFei Wang (MPA '11) emigrated from Shanghai, China to the San Francisco Bay Area. Today as a public administration graduate student, he teaches workshops on different digital media tools at the Digital Media Commons.  A wizard with both design and data, YuFei has combined the two to utilize cutting edge collaboration technologies and to create compelling presentations that stand out at whatever class or conference he may be attending.


Digital Media Commons
472 Pierce St.
Monterey, CA 93940
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Lucyna Jodlowska: The Intersection of Business and Development in Uganda

It wasn’t until I sat down at a coffee shop admist the bustle of Kampala, tired and sweaty from the sensory overload of being a foreigner and a pedestrian in a massive East African city, that it really hit me.


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MIIS Offers New Avenue to Admission with Modified Language Requirement for Prospective Students

Throughout its history, the Monterey Institute of International Studies has sought to attract the highest caliber of well-qualified, internationally-oriented students. As the Institute’s programs in areas such as international business and international environmental policy have expanded in recent years, a significant number of students who are highly qualified in every other respect to attend MIIS have been rejected because they are unable to meet the language proficiency requirement.

American University in Cairo to Host J-Term Session of Development Project Management Institute

The Monterey Institute‘s Development Project Management Institute (DPMI) and the American University in Cairo (AUC) will launch a new joint 10-day training program next January. The program will be hosted and sponsored by the AUC as part of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by MIIS President Sunder Ramaswamy and AUC President David Arnold last spring.

MIIS Professor Writes About Impact of Oil Spill on Both the Gulf Region and Monterey

The September 9 edition of the Monterey County Weekly featured Monterey Institute professor Kelley Calvert’s article “Gulf Stream: The impacts of BP’s oil spill still linger in the Southeast – and Monterey County” as its cover story. Calvert writes about her recent trip to the Gulf, shares her observations and recounts her conversations with locals.

Four MIIS Students Share Experiences Working on Three Continents This Summer

Four Monterey Institute students on three continents worked to give a voice to the voiceless this summer through the 2010 Fellowship for Peace program linking promising graduate students to social change projects in the developing world. Their fellowships were organized and supported by the Advocacy Project, a Washington D.C. based non-profit with the mission of helping marginalized communities tell their story, claim their rights and produce social change.