International Policy Studies

5/10: NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous to Speak at MIIS Human Rights Fair

Benjamin Todd Jealous, president of the National Association of Colored People (NAACP), will deliver the keynote address May 10 for the Monterey Institute’s third annual Human Rights Fair, sponsored by the Amnesty International Club on campus.

Spring Break @MIIS: Students Witness UN Negotiations for First Global Conventional Arms Treaty

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly approved the first global conventional arms treaty on April 2, 2013. This is the first time the world’s nations have come to agreement on a legally binding international treaty regulating trade in conventional weapons (there are already treaties regulating nuclear as well as chemical and biological weapons). The treaty is being hailed as historic for pioneering elements such as linking sales to the human rights records of buyers.

MIIS Student, Arrested at 15 by the Taliban for Teaching Girls, Now Poised for Leadership Role in Education in Afghanistan

Fulbright student Moslem Shah (MAIPS ’13) had his pick of U.S. universities, but chose the Monterey Institute of International Studies because he felt it would fit his long term plans to take on a leading role in rebuilding his native Afghanistan after three decades of war. “My experience here, both personally and professionally, has gone way beyond my expectations,” says Moslem, adding that he loves how the diverse student body has helped him to broaden his perspective.

Trade Conference to Feature Student Debate on China’s Role in Africa, Keynoter Gary Horlick

According to MIIS International Trade Club President Sean Manzano (MAIPS ’13), the “Trade and Conflict” theme of the sixth annual MIIS Trade Conference “encompasses the dynamics between economic viability and social stability.” Sean and the club have assembled an impressive lineup of academics and seasoned professionals in trade, intellectual property rights and social development to help shed light on how trade helps to alleviate or exacerbate conflict at the March 2 conference at MIIS.

MIIS Student Turns In-Class “Ah-Hah” Moment into Promising Company

We’re happy to report that there is a lot of buzz (as evidenced by this recent article in The Oregonian) surrounding Wikisway, an internet start-up company founded by MIIS alumnus Huston Hedinger (MAIPS ’12) while he was still a student. The company has already raised money from the Portland Seed Fund and other investors and is rapidly expanding. Huston’s team includes MIIS alumna Grace Andrews (MPA ’12), who is responsible for marketing and communications.

Sharing the World through Fulbright

For Elizabeth Reid (MAIPS '11) the most meaningful outcome of her Fulbright experience was an unexpected one.

"One of my Fulbright colleagues made the observation that the Fulbright program is not about saving the world, but about sharing the world," Elizabeth said. "I think this has been particularly apt in my case."

In Address at MIIS, UN Secretary-General Urges Support for Nonproliferation Education

In a major policy address delivered at the Monterey Institute of International Studies on January 18, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke passionately about his vision of a more peaceful future and lauded the role played by the Institute in promoting disarmament and nonproliferation education. He gave special recognition to the innovative and effective teaching methods of Dr.

Career Fair Led to Two Dream Job Offers for Alumna

The Monterey Institute Career Fair has been steadily growing and expanding over the last few years, with new employers every year joining the large group of “repeat customers” excited to recruit MIIS graduates. 

MIIS Alumni Working Together to Further International Cooperation in Aeronautics

Garvey McIntosh (MAIPS ’03), an international programs specialist at NASA headquarters in Washington D.C., recently traveled to Seoul, South Korea to engage in discussions with senior representatives from the Korean government to identify cooperative areas between the US and South Korea in the field of aeronautics. Garvey wrote to the Monterey Institute to tell us about the instant rapport and wonderful working relationship he established with Kristen Bauman (MAIPS ’99), science counselor at the US Embassy in Seoul.

Hope and Change for Venezuela

At the Monterey Institute's 2012 Winter Commencement, the elected student speaker was Maria Luisa Olivarria.  The honor of giving this address was a fitting end for a student who has taken such a long and sometimes arduous path to graduation.  

Maria's journey started a few years ago in Venezuela, where she was part of a student movement protesting the country's government.