International Policy Studies

Foreign Policy Publishes CNS Associate’s Examination of Middle East Nuclear Aspirations

Leading international affairs journal Foreign Policy recently published a piece written by Senior Research Associate Chen Kane of the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Reviewing the nuclear capabilities and ambitions of various Middle Eastern states, Kane notes that “the global economic crisis has disrupted the calculus of nuclear power.

Institute Students at Work in El Salvador and Sierra Leone This January

This January, two teams of Monterey Institute students are putting the skills they are learning in Monterey to use in the far corners of the globe, working on faculty-sponsored projects in El Salvador and Sierra Leone. These projects are part of the Institute’s curriculum offerings for “J-term,” the January interim period between fall and spring semesters.

Leloba Pahl: Building an Empowered Global Community

Leloba Pahl (IPS '10) interned for the Aspen Institute’s program on philanthropy and innovation last summer. Located in Washington D.C., the Aspen Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes dialogue and solutions for a wide range of issues such as climate change, gender empowerment, and social development. Leloba wrote grant applications and policy memos and organized two seminars:


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Institute Expert Cited in Voice of America Article on North Caucasus Militants

Monterey Institute Professor Gordon M. Hahn was interviewed for by Voice of America's Russian-language service reporter Michael Gutkin for an article published today titled "Experts Note Activization of the North Caucasus Militants." Professor Hahn, a senior research fellow in the Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program (MonTREP), particularly notes the declaration by area jihadists of the “Caucasus Emirate” as a factor in the recent increase in attacks on Russian authorities in the region.

David Reichbaum: Sustainable Community Development in Peru

Last summer, David Reichbaum (MPA '09) interned for ProWorld in the Cusco region of Peru. ProWorld provides health, education, and environmental services to developing communities.


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Former U.S. Deputy Trade Representative Alan Wolff to Lead Institute’s International Trade Policy Initiative

The Monterey Institute today announced the appointment of former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Alan Wolff as Distinguished Research Professor in the Institute’s Graduate School of International Policy and Management. Ambassador Wolff will also serve as director of the Institute’s International Trade and Development Policy Initiative (ITDPI). We expect ITDPI to be the first phase of our effort to consolidate and enhance the Institute’s research and academic programs addressing the policy challenges of international trade and development.

Visiting Middlebury Prof. Rich Wolfson Touts Balanced Approach to Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power has been used commercially for forty years. Given this, visiting Middlebury Prof. Richard Wolfson challenged a room full of Monterey Institute students, faculty, and members of the general public to come up with a list of nuclear power plant accidents. The room was able to find three. After informing the crowd that the emissions from coal power plants kill 24,000 people a year, Prof. Wolfson presented an idea that seems to have been lost in the debate over nuclear power: that the safety systems are impeccable.

NY Times Quotes CNS Bio-Weapons Expert on Obama Policy

Tuesday’s New York Times featured an article on the Obama Administration’s emerging strategy for curbing the spread of biological weapons quoting Dr. Jonathan Tucker of the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.  Dr. Tucker, a senior fellow in the Center’s Washington, D.C.

Dave Moorer: The Crossroads of Development and Security

Dave Moorer interned at the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) in Germany last semester. The Center is a non-profit organization providing research, training, and consultancy services for peacebuilding and development issues worldwide.

Dave collaborated to design a new program addressing sexual violence in war and post-conflict environments. This program seeks to identify the various motivations and typologies of sexual violence in order to shape future public policy.


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Center for Nonproliferation Studies Celebrates 20 Years

The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), the world's largest nongovernmental organization focused on combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction, celebrated its 20th anniversary December 3-5 with a series of events including a conference and gala dinner for alumni and special guests. Launched in 1989 by Monterey Institute of International Studies Professor William Potter, the Center's unique approach combines original research and global information-sharing with unparalleled educational opportunities for its students.