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The Summer MIIS Experience in 60 Seconds

Chelsea Jordan, a student in the Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP), describes the moment, four weeks into her Spanish summer class, that she reached her capacity for taking in new information, forgetting momentarily not only the Spanish she was learning but her native English as well.  She had a mini break-down during a presentation in class, but with a lot of support from her classmates and teacher, was able to bounce back quickly and move on to have the best language learning experience of her life.

Anonymous Donor Pledges $1.8 Million to Support Center for the Blue Economy

The Monterey Institute has received a $1.8 million challenge gift that aims to both support and inspire the continued growth and expansion of the Institute’s ocean and coastal economics research and education center, the Center for the Blue Economy.

Students Share “Amazing” Experiences from CBE Summer Fellowships

An internationally recognized hub of ocean research and advocacy, Monterey Bay is also known for one of the nation’s most spectacular marine protected areas, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. This fertile environment is an inspiration to all students at the Monterey Institute, but perhaps most pertinent to those who are enrolled in the International Environmental Policy program’s Ocean and Coastal Resource Management concentration.

The MIIS Experience in 60 Seconds

The ability to continue her advanced language studies was one of the reasons Lindsay Cope decided to pursue her studies at the Monterey Institute, but perhaps the best surprise has been the freedom to combine different academic interests. She is pursuing a degree in International Environmental Policy with a focus on ocean and coastal resource management, but got interested in the field through her strong security background. At MIIS, she is able to build on and continue studies in all her areas of interest because of the flexibility she has in customizing her degree.

Nate Maynard: 2014 Fulbright Scholar

Program: International Environmental Policy, Concentration in Ocean and Coastal Resource Management


23° 41' 52.116" N, 120° 57' 37.854" E

Teryn Wolfe: 2014 Fulbright Scholar

Program: International Environmental Policy, Concentration in Business, Sustainability and Development

Undergraduate Institution: Ohio University



The MIIS Experience in 60 Seconds

Imagine life outside the classroom when you live in such an ideal location like Monterey, California. International Environmental Policy student Mairi Miller gives a 60 second snapshot of her experience at MIIS when she's not doing schoolwork. She's a kayaker, hiker, and climber and her only problem is deciding which one she wants to do on a given day. "There are so many amazing things to see and do here," she says. "I kind of get overwhelmed by all the fun stuff."

Click the image to watch her video, "The MIIS Experience in 60 Seconds."

Recent Alumnus Amer Barghouth: “MIIS Prepared Me Well” for Demanding New Career

We always love to hear back from recent alumni who have realized their dreams for an exciting new career propelled by the training and education they received at MIIS. Amer Barghouth (MAIPS ’09, MAIEP ’13) received his job offer from the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), less than three weeks after graduating with a master’s degree in International Environmental Policy in 2013.

The MIIS Experience in 60 Seconds

Justin Wright is pursuing a master's degree in International Environmental Policy, specializing in ocean and coastal resource management.

City of Monterey Recognizes MIIS Students for Exceptional Contribution to Climate Action Plan

Proving yet again that the Monterey Institute prepares students to take on the most pressing issues of our time and “be the solution” in their chosen field, on May 6 the City of Monterey recognized the outstanding contribution of two graduating MIIS students to their Climate Action Plan.