Yara Terrazas-Carafa: Reflections on the Development Project Management Institute

Yara Terrazas-Carafa, hailing from Bolivia, discusses team aspects from the Development Project Management Institute and how she plans to apply these skills in her future career.


La Paz
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Justin Bench: Utilizing Development Management Skills in Latin America


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Scott Webb: Reflections from the Development Project Management Institute (DPMI)

Scott Webb graduated from the Public Administration program at the Monterey Institute. Prior to MIIS, he served as a recruiter with the Peace Corps. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife and two daughters.


Washington, DC
United States
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Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula: Seeking Professional Empowerment

Halimatou describes how she feels empowered from her Development Project Management Institute experience.

Currently at Wellesley College, Halimatou is majoring in Internaional relations, with a focus on Economics, and African Studies. In the Fall of 2008, she studied abroad at the School of Oriental African Studies in London, England.


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Ravi Dutta: Implementing Theory and Practice at Save the Children

As an MPA student, I've developed a strong foundation in program design.  In my internship with Save the Children in Indonesia, I'm learned how program management relates to program design.   To be successful, a program needs to be designed well.  However, it still needs to be properly managed and executed well.  One can only learn a little about management from classes and books, but much of what you learn about management comes from experience.  It’s great that my classes involved practical projects in groups, and I can get credit for going out to the field for 6 months.  I met many other


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