Celebrating its First Decade, DPMI Program Goes through Renewal, Reinvention

At its core a cutting-edge institution, the unique, intensive, development-focused three-week Development Project Management Institute (DPMI) program seems ageless. Nonetheless, as “nae man can tether time or tide” (in the words of Robert Burns), 10 years have passed since its inception, and that is worth celebrating. “A decade of DPMI has produced over 1,000 alumni using their skills everywhere in the world,” remarks founder and fearless leader Professor Beryl Levinger.


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Immersive Learning Programs Send 36 Students Off to Assignments

This spring, 36 students are heading off to assignments with a diverse range of domestic and international organizations all over the world--including in the U.S.--as part of the International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) and Development Project Management Institute Plus (DPMI Plus) programs.

MIIS Team Reaches Finals of Regional Hult Prize Competition, Makes Key Connections

A team of Monterey Institute students—Maria Kovell (MPA ‘14), Amitay Flores (MAIPS ‘14), Amanda Boyek (MAIPS ‘14), Natalie Cox (MPA ‘14), and Amy Ross (MPA ‘14)—made their mark at the Hult Prize regional competition last weekend in San Francisco, and left the competition with something at least as good as a win: a path forward for their innovative project.

Unique MIIS Development Training in Rwanda Will Blend Fieldwork with Instruction

The Monterey Institute’s Development Project Management Institute (DPMI), an intensive professional certificate program, will launch its first training program in Kigali, Rwanda from January 14-23, 2014.

Rebecca Marcus

Program: MPA 

DPMI Plus Assignment: Futures and Options (New York, NY)

Undergrad: Middlebury College

"I appreciated the ability to work with such a small and growing organization because I got to experience all aspects of the organization- from fundraising and communications to program planning and execution."


New York, NY
United States
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Heidi Hansen

Program: International Environmental Policy

DPMI Plus Assignment: Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (Plymouth, MA)

Undergrad: University of Iowa

"Working with WDCS was a truly collaborative experience and gave me insight into the challenges and rewards of working with and for a small nonprofit."


Plymouth, MA
United States
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Alyssa Poey

Program: MPA 

DPMI Plus Assignment: Institute of International Education (San Francisco)

Undergrad: University of Massachusetts, Amherst  

"I see myself as a bridge-builder, and want to connect people with opportunities that challenge their understandings of the world and broaden their minds..." 


San Francisco, CA
United States
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Elizabeth Edouard

Program: MPA

DPMI Plus Assignment: Jhpiego (Tanzania)

Undergrad: Middlebury College

"Being in an international setting amongst mission-driven individuals working to impact social change, I find myself at home."


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Luba Yusim: Development in Kazakhstan

“My participation in the DPMI program enriched my understanding of development and provided me with concrete skills and tools that I could utilize to support participatory, sustainable change.


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37 MIIS Students Heading Off to Immersive Learning Programs in 18 Countries

The Monterey Institute takes pride in its success in preparing students for a professional international career so that they can hit the ground running after graduation. A large part of that success can be attributed to the many immersive learning opportunities offered to students in all degree programs, varying from smaller projects involving the local Monterey community to longer-term internships with non-profit and international organizations around the world.