Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Is there anything my writing tutor will not help me with?

The tutors will not read more than one paper in one session. Also, tutors will not work on documents that you bring from outside of MIIS (i.e., documents that have not been assigned by a MIIS professor or that are not a part of a degree course). Lastly, the tutors will not edit, proofread, or “fix” your English.

Will my writing tutor edit or “fix” my English for me?

Never. Writing tutors will help you become independent, resourceful writers. By editing or “fixing” your English you will not learn how to become a better writer, rather you will just become dependent on having someone else do your work for you. You can expect your instructor to discuss organization and give you strategies for structuring your paper. They will also help you with grammar, word choice, cohesion, paraphrasing, and citations. In certain cases, your tutor might model several different ways you might rephrase an idea.

How can I prepare for my tutorial?

For walk-ins, please bring two copies of your paper, the assignment guidelines, and a copy of the writing feedback form. The feedback form is available on the Writing Center News Conference.

What does a typical session look like?

A typical tutorial begins by your tutor asking you what you need help with. In many cases, your tutor will ask you to explain what your paper is about, your professor’s expectations, and what stage of the drafting process you in (e.g., are you brainstorming topics, working on a first draft, or trying to compile citations). In certain cases, your tutor will even ask you to bring the assignment guidelines to determine exactly what you are expected to do.

What is the teaching methodology?

The GWC takes a process approach to teaching writing. Tutors don’t look at a paper as a final draft. Rather, they see a paper as evolving over multiple drafts. Tutors will help students brainstorm ideas, compose outlines, structure their papers, improve the fluency of their ideas, and adhere to stylistic conventions of their field (e.g., APA or Chicago, etc.). The structure of the session always focuses on the student’s needs. Tutors expect, however, that students will take full responsibility for their learning and work with the tutor to improve their writing.

Who are the tutors?

GWC tutors are highly qualified writing instructors who are able to help both native and nonnative writers improve their writing skills at the graduate level. Their area of content expertise varies from tutor to tutor, so it’s best to ask.

How long is a tutoring session?

 A walk-in tutoring session is 15-30 minutes.

A tutoring session made by appointment is 45 minutes.