I am married. Do I need to provide income and asset information for my spouse?

Yes. You must provide this information for yourself and your spouse if you are applying for the need-based grant.

How will I know if I am receiving a merit scholarship, and if I should apply for the need-based grant?

If you apply for admission to a Monterey Institute degree program by one of our priority scholarship deadlines, you will automatically be considered for a merit-based scholarship. Scholarship decisions are made and applicants are notified approximately 4 weeks after the deadline. You may also apply for the need-based grant, but these are completely separate review processes.

How do I apply?

To be considered, all students must register with Need Access (www.needaccess.com) and submit the electronic application. Please note that there is a $28 application fee. We are unable to offer fee waivers. You will need your most recent tax information to complete the Need Access application.

When is the deadline?

We encourage applicants to apply by our November 15 priority deadline for Spring 2014 admission using the Need Access form at www.needaccess.com. It is possible to apply after the deadline but there may not be availability of funds. You are required to apply for need-based funding every year, and your financial need will be re-assessed with each application.

How much aid is available for the need-based institutional grant?

Need-based grants are up to $5,000. They are awarded in addition to any merit scholarships you may receive, and do not need to be repaid.

What will I be required to submit as an international student?

You will be asked to submit documentation in English from your employer and/or your parents' employer. This letter should include total earnings for the year including any allowances (e.g. housing, vehicles, retirement).

Who is eligible?

All prospective, admitted, and returning degree-seeking U.S.and international students are invited to apply. Please note that while prospective students may apply, you must be admitted before we will review your application. Please see the full eligibility requirements here.

Why are some students required to submit Parent Tax information?

This information is required for an equitable determination of need based on financial strength of the family. We assess your level of need based on "ability" to pay, not "willingness". Please understand that funds are limited and priority consideration will be given to students with demonstrated financial need.

What if my parents refuse to give me their tax information?

Within the Need Access application, your parent may register to submit personal income and asset information that will not be accessible to the student.

What if my parents are divorced?

Please submit information for the parent who has last claimed you as a dependent on their taxes.