Are the sessions taught with the same content/instructors?

All three full offerings are taught by the same instructors, and the skills practiced in the course are the same although the development context may change.  The Rwanda 2014 offering is being taught by Dr Beryl Levinger and instructor, Marie Kagaju Laugharn.

What is the content of DPMI?

Module #1: Managing Development Projects - Participants learn about the project cycle and how to analyze project opportunities. They become proficient in using the Results Framework, related tools and advanced software to guide project design and monitoring. They also learn how to use indicators to assess project performance. During the module, students use country data to create a project and accompanying monitoring plan that is consistent with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Are all sessions taught with the same content/instructors?

The main instructor is Dr. Jeff Langholz, who will be teaching (along with local leaders) the following sessions: Understanding the Conservation Project Cycle, Writing Meaningful Mission Statements, Using Comprehensive Site Assessment Tools, Creating Conservation Management Plans, Building Project Teams and Boards, Leadership Ethics, Effective Outreach and Media Relations, and Conflict Resolution.

What is the content of CLP?

We teach ten skills in ten days. Below is a preliminary breakdown of the course., Please note: the schedule may change as we finalize details. The skill sets, however remain constant. Check back for updates.