International Trade & Economic Diplomacy program

Rufus H. Yerxa

Rufus Yerxa joined MIIS as a visiting professor in October 2013, having recently completed more than a decade of service as Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organization in Geneva. As the organization’s second ranking official, he helped to broaden the WTO’s membership and strengthen its role as the principal rules-based institution governing world trade.

Robert Rogowsky

The future truly isn’t what it used to be. One prediction is that 40 percent of the jobs today’s students will hold in 20 years don’t exist yet. Our role as educators is to prepare our graduates to thrive and lead in an incredibly challenging and dynamic world.

I am passionate about being a professor at MIIS. Innovative administrators, remarkable faculty, and invigorated students, all working as a team makes MIIS boil with inquisitive and creative energy.  It is a vibrant academic community that blends learning with meaningful application. I am thrilled to be part of it.

Jeff Dayton-Johnson

I am passionate about better understanding what drives inequality, marginalization, social exclusion on the one hand, and collective action and social cohesion on the other -- and how to mobilize that understanding to have less of the former and more of the latter around the world.

Li Juan Zhang

Professor Zhang is a Fulbright Scholar at the Monterey Institute from 1997-1999 and serves as a research fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University from 2006-2007. She is a full professor in the School of Economics at Shandong University in China. She has authored and co-authored five books and published about twenty academic papers in a number of professional journals.

Philip J. Murphy

Dr. Murphy earned his PhD in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, where he recently held the position of Senior Policy Fellow at the Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies. He has taught distance education courses in a Master of Public Policy and Management program targeted at mid-career public and private sector professionals in Macedonia.

Moyara Ruehsen

I am passionate about capacity building in the areas of financial regulatory compliance and investigations, and public policies related to illicit markets as well as the macro-economy.  While my research and consulting work can be invigorating, my first love will always be teaching.  I hope to convey my own passion for these subjects to my students and inspire them to go out and explore new career paths they might not have considered when they first began their studies here.

Wei Liang

I am passionate about exploring the relationship between politics and economics and the policy issues derived from the interaction, including trade, development and governance.

I love being a professor at MIIS because our faculty and students share the sense of consciousness and responsibility as citizens of global, national, and local communities. 

Robert McCleery

I am passionate about the effort to reduce global poverty and inequality.  My research, consulting and teaching all point towards that goal.  It is the unifying theme of my work on trade, investment, infrastructure, migration and productivity, as well as the focus of my classes in development and trade.

Fernando DePaolis

I am passionate about finding alternative points of view that could solve the world’s biggest problems. In my case, this is done by combining critical thinking with the most sophisticated computer analysis and visualization techniques.

I love being a professor at MIIS because our students challenge me to be connected to the real world of practice and to maintain the highest professional standards. In the end this helps all of us, as we form a dynamic learning community that aims at producing highly effective professionals.