Teaching Foreign Languages Specialization

TFL Specialization

The stand-alone TFL specialization consists of 17 graduate credits.  As the coursework is quite rigorous, we often recommend that the specialization be completed over two semesters (fall and spring), although it is possible to earn the specialization in an intensive semester of study.

The stand-alone TFL specialization consists of the following TFL courses:

  • Language Analysis, 3 credits

  • Principles and Practices, 3 credits

  • Curriculum Design, 3 credits

Matt Robinson: Adventures of an ELF in East Timor

Matt Robinson (TESOL/PCMI '08) shares his experience as an English Language Fellow in East Timor:


8° 34' 17.4576" S, 125° 34' 52.6224" E

Akihiko Sasaki

Professor Jinhuei Dai: Designing a New Language Learning Model

Professor Jinhuei Dai is a pioneer of innovative teaching and learning strategies. She advocates a "sustainable model" for teaching the Chinese language to policy students from a wide range of language levels and academic interests. By emphasizing individualization, the personal experience of learning, Professor Dai's students cultivate their language abilities.


Monterey, CA
United States
36° 35' 57.3612" N, 121° 53' 47.6196" W

PCMI Curriculum

Edie Furniss: Exploring Russian Teaching Resources on the Web

During her first year of coursework for the Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) certificate, Edie Furniss (MATFL Russian, '10) researched and experimented with a number of new web 2.0 tools and considered their potential applications for second and foreign language teaching.  Since then she has pursued a number of opportunities for bringing that work to a larger audience of language teaching professionals.


St Petersburg
59° 54' 34.2252" N, 30° 20' 39.2568" E

Sky Lantz-Wagner: Teaching to Make the World a Better Place

Sky Lantz-Wagner (PCMI/TESOL '12) shares his journey from scuba-diving instructor to graduate student:

I never expected to become a teacher. After college, I worked as a scuba-diving instructor in Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Thanks in part to a degree in international business, I had the opportunity to found Whale Shark Experience, an ecotourism company in the Mayan Riviera. It was an adventure, but not a career path I wanted to follow.


Atlanta, GA
United States
33° 44' 56.382" N, 84° 23' 16.7352" W

Language Program Administration Specialization

Language Program Administration is a profession. To work successfully as a language program administrator you will need professional skills such as developing budgets and monitoring expenses, training teachers and aides, and evaluating program effectiveness. This specialization will prepare you for the world of language education administration.

LPA Specialization

Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Core and elective courses in CALL equip teachers with the experiences, perspectives and tools to integrate a wide variety of learning technologies in ways that enhance language learning and teaching.  The full CALL specialization is also excellent preparation for the increasing number of leadership positions in the rapidly expanding field of educational technology.  Both theoretical and pedagogical insights, and practical, hands-on skills are emphasized.  We maintain a strong focus on learning principles and processes, and never let sound teaching practice be overshadowed by technological w

Middlebury-Monterey: MA in Chinese with a focus on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Students interested in pursuing an MA at Middlebury College in Teaching Chinese may elect to participate in the "Monterey Option" for this degree and pursue one year of coursework in the Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) program at the Monterey Institute.

The "Monterey Option" includes two summers at Middlebury with an academic year at Monterey.


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