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As part of its commitment to students, faculty, and the general public, the Monterey Institute publishes summary statistics of its sustainability efforts.  Here you can find information on the Monterey Institute's greenhouse gas and waste audits.  Going beyond simple numbers, these statistics serve as a tracking device for you, the student.  Every year we will put forward goals to further reduce our GHG emissions and non-recyclable waste that can be monitored here.

David Reichbaum: Sustainable Community Development in Peru

Last summer, David Reichbaum (MPA '09) interned for ProWorld in the Cusco region of Peru. ProWorld provides health, education, and environmental services to developing communities.


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Panel of Experts Discusses Careers in Energy Policies and Climate Change

One year out from the financial crash, the economy is just beginning to get its head above water. Students, like many Americans, are nervous about the prospect of finding jobs. To assist with this, the Monterey Institute chapter of Net Impact hosted a panel discussion on Friday, November 20 where students planning on going into the field of energy and climate change policy received advice from Institute graduates and others working in this dynamic area.

International Interest in Prof. Jim Williams’ Clean Energy Strategies

Meeting Gov. Schwarzenegger’s 2050 greenhouse gas reduction goals will require a drastic restructuring of California’s energy system. Monterey Institute Prof. Jim Williams, a senior scientist at Energy and Environmental Economics (E3) in his other life, is at the forefront of the field attempting to find the best path for California to take on this monumental transition. Executive Order S-3-05 sets the target for California’s emissions in 2050 to be 80% below 1990 levels, but gives little guidance on how this will be achieved.

11/20: Free Conference Explores Digital Communication as Vehicle for Change

The sheer volume of information in circulation today can make the delivery of a clear message difficult. Under those circumstances, how do dynamic communicators connect with the right people? How are critical messages being shaped to cut through the clutter? Who is defining these messages of change? And where can people turn to feel more connected to the issues they care about?

11/11: Professor Rich Wolfson Presents “Nuclear Power: One Environmentalist’s Perspective”

On November 11, the ongoing Monterey/Middlebury Speaker Series will bring Middlebury College Professor Rich Wolfson to Monterey to present “Nuclear Power: One Environmentalist’s Perspective.” Professor Wolfson is Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury and also teaches in Middlebury’s Environmental Studies Program. His lecture will center on the argument that for an environmentalist, nuclear power is too complex for a simple “pro” or “anti” stance.

Earth Day Panel on Environmental Journalism

Posted April 22, 2009

This Wednesday, while the world celebrates Earth Day 2009, a group of leading environmental and political authors, journalists, and academics will gather at the Monterey Conference Center and Portola Hotel and Spa for a panel discussion on the role of activism in journalism.

Alum Pitches Sustainable Sushi on National Talk Show

Monterey Institute alum and sustainable fishery (and sushi) guru Casson Trenor (MAIEP ’05) is in the news again, earning a nice plug from Daytime, a nationally syndicated morning television talk show, for his recent book Sustainable Sushi. Trenor’s work as a sustainable seafood consultant and debut as an author were covered in the Winter 2009 issue of Communiqué, the Institute’s newsletter.

Bruce Paton

Bruce Paton teaches courses on sustainable business, corporate social responsibility, and global business strategy.

His research focuses on business strategies and public policies for sustainability. A major emphasis in this research is development of methods for designing and evaluating voluntary and collaborative initiatives to address social and environmental issues in management.

Vancouver-to-Tijuana "JUNKride" Visits MIIS

Posted June 9, 2009