NPR Spotlights Institute Voices Twice in Three Days

Posted September 21, 2009

Institute's Pushpa Iyer Interviewed on Sri Lankan Conflict

Posted June 10, 2009

On June 8, Monterey Institute Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Conflict Revolution Pushpa Iyer was interviewed on KPFA public radio in Berkeley. The interview focused on the origins of the Sri Lankan civil conflict and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the guerilla group which fought a 30-year war against the Sri Lankan government. The interview with Professor Iyer begins at approximately 31:30 into the 60-minute program.

Michelle Glasser: Promoting Human Dignity through Mercy Corps

IPSS Assignment: Mercy Corps
Spring/Summer 2009

Michelle was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Her father is a radiologist and her mother is a writer. She has a B.A. in ESL from the University of Guadalajara and has three more classes to complete her M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury College. She has ten years experience teaching Spanish and was the coordinator for the Spanish Winter Intensive program at Monterey.


4° 38' 11.958" N, 74° 5' 50.244" W

Ed Ceska: Conflict Resolution at the Bonn International Center for Conversion

IPSS Assignment: Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC), Bonn, Germany
Spring/Summer 2009


Pfarrer-Byns-Straße 1
50° 43' 26.5548" N, 7° 3' 52.506" E

Ashley Nicole Burke: Exploring Gender and Development at the Asia Foundation

IPSS Assignment: The Asia Foundation
Conflict & Governance Program
Bangkok, Thailand
Spring/Summer 2009


38 Convent Road, Silom
13° 44' 50.6004" N, 100° 29' 40.884" E

Miaad Hassan: Interning at the UN Department of Political Affairs

IPSS Assignment: United Nations Department of Political Affairs
Policy Planning and Mediation Support Unit
New York, New York
Spring/Summer 2009

Miaad Hassan arrived in the United States in 2005, as a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship.  A native of Iraq, Miaad studied English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Tikrit where graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2005.


34° 35' 49.3512" N, 43° 41' 23.568" E

Alethia Jimenez: Inside the UNDP BCPR's Small Arms, Armed Violence and Mine Action Team

IPSS Assignment: United Nations Development Programme
Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery
New York, New York
Spring/Summer 2009

Alethia was born in Mexico and studied abroad in France, Spain, Australia, and Italy. Her undergraduate degree was in economics and statistics at the Rochester Institute of Technology. After college, she worked in an actuarial consulting firm in New York and then moved to Tunisia to work on a short term assignment with a trading company.


New York, NY
United States
40° 42' 51.6708" N, 74° 0' 21.5028" W

Philip Rush: Field Research in Southern Sudan

Recently Philip traveled to Southern Sudan to perform field research focusing on a number of factors related to security and small arms possession.


4° 51' 20.2608" N, 31° 36' 47.3724" E

Chile Practicum: Confronting Transitional (In)Justice

Twenty students from the Monterey Institute accompanied Professor Jan Black and Judge Juan Guzman Tapia, most notable for prosecuting former Dictator Augusto Pinochet, on a research tour of Mapuche communities in southern Chile last January. The Mapuche are an indigenous group, comprising about 4% of Chile's total population. Their communities now face environmental, socio-economic, and human rights issues.


33° 25' 31.296" S, 70° 33' 59.2776" W

Cambodia Practicum: Challenges to Peacebuilding

Thirteen students traveled to Cambodia last January with Dr. Pushpa Iyer for two weeks of fieldwork entitled “Challenges to Peacebuilding.” They immersed themselves in post-conflict Cambodian society, merging their studied assumptions with grassroots realities. They also met with representatives from non-profit organizations such as The Asia Foundation, World Vision, and Youth for Peace. Professor Iyer encouraged her students to blog about their impressions, intuitions. and research subjects.


Phnom Penh
11° 31' 43.7844" N, 105° 3' 4.572" E